Pilot Custom 74 Music Nib

Do you need to be able to write and read music, notes, to fully enjoy the Music nib? Do you have to be able to draw complicated charts for music and be an aficionado of music? Of course not - it may help you find a practical use for the pen, but the three tined musical nib on the Pilot Custom 74 is a fun experience regardless and only if you enjoy super fine lines you may have a true concern against this nib. For me, I don't find it particularly good for my handwriting. I don't read music nor do I hold any illusions of me being able to write correct notes or charts. But I don't care, this juicy nib makes doodling, sketching and just write a few words or draw lines something fun.

Pilot Vanishing Point “Matte Black”, M

I did own a Vanishing point (sometimes also referred to as Pilot Capless), but it was the version with a steel nib. Then, after being so fond of the Decimo version and the Fermo, I decided to get a new Vanishing point with a 18k nib this time. I wanted something different than Fine point, …

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Leonardo Officina Italia Momento Zero Blue Hawaii, Soft Fine nib

The Momento Zero hardly needs any presentation with the fountain pen community, but if you are new, it is one of the best known versions from the now famous pen makers of Leonardo Officina Italiana. The Momento Zero comes in a huge variety of different materials and designs. Special collaborations, special materials, special special special. This is a super star - I would dare to say - of the pen world. And with a right. This is the Blue Hawaii with a Soft Fine nib.

Gravitas Delrin White fountain pen, M

The pen is made in white Delrin and stainless steel section pen with a slimming contour from cap to end where the rise is just before on the cap itself. There is a step down as the cap meet the barrel as it is screwing tight to the section. Cap and end of barrel have sharp conical ends. So far, this is very like the Entry model, just a thicker pen overall. This comes with the same grip as well, thicker, slightly tapering down from section towards a sharp curve at the end and then finally a flare out before the nib. The section is stainless steel and here I would have enjoyed a black section and black nib to accentuate the Delrin material a bit. It still works, but lacks a bit of flare. The enlarged dimension of the width seems to be overall and just makes the pen thicker than the Entry.

Esterbrook JR Fantasia Pocket Fountain Pen (Limited Edition), F

When you do call upon legacy of a beloved brand, item or simply invoke something that takes peoples minds into that mindset - you open yourself up for heave critique. I would say it is risky and perhaps not worth it. I am thinking of the Esterbrook J that many remembers as a great vintage …

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