I’m listening to Foo Fighters “There is nothing left to lose”, 1999

Third album in the “I’m listening to Foo Fighters” with my wife.

The listening will take this form: a quick commentary to each song followed by an overall impression. I found it rather fun to check the year in singles and this is the same list as previously but for 199. Enjoy : http://www.bobborst.com/popculture/top-100-songs-of-the-year/?year=1999

The listening will be made on my computer with the following: Foobar, Pioneer U-05S DAC/AMP and Beyerdynamic CUSTOM ONE Pro headphones. For my convenience the files will be lossless FLAC’s – CD rip.

I’m listening to Foo Fighters “There is nothing left to lose”, 1999
This record I remember largely due to the fact of all the funny MTV videos they had released and also, Dave had cut his hair for this time I believe… Could be wrong though. I don’t have that solid feel for the album though. The reason is that I can’t really place it since many of the hits were played over a few years that were really eventful in my own life. Also, at that time – come-on  it was WinAMP and thousands upon thousands of songs in your playlist. I was one of few that actually bought CD’s among my friends – ok not bought CD’s but at the rate I did. Got back from Germany in 2000 and got a job. I had money all of a sudden. Money does that crazy shit for you 😉 Also, I still felt young and enthusiastic. I was out a lot and while home – I sat up chatting with people online or playing Diablo II, Icewind Dale or something – Baldurs Gat2 2 most likely since they both kinda ripped end of 2000 open sky wide. Damn what a year 2000 was. Check up the lists and you will see. Oh and for 1999 – you may recall how you felt when COunter Strike was released and you would have to get STEAM – a damned thing for online distribution and playing games. CRAZY eh? 😉 Oh and another gem that may have had something to do with me not listening to albums the way I should – Planescape Torment.

01. Stacked Actorsfolder
02. Breakout
03. Learn to Fly
04. Gimme Stitches
05. Generator
06. Aurora
07. Live-in Skin
08. Next Year
09. Headwires
10. Ain’t It the Life
11. M.I.A.

Stacked Actors
Stacked actors is starting with droning guitars, nice drums and after an annoying left to right channel switch mellows out into a popish tune. Almost whispering building slowly up to the chorus. It feels like a Foo Fighters insignia. Chorus guitars are heavy and noisy.

Alright, who remember this one? Most likely everyone. intro of singing solo with a spinning sound and then intro is right into a pop-rock melody. Very catchy and rich sound. Taylor on the drums is really nice. It feels like this album has a theme to it and the melody and chorus while something of being an insignia is starting to shape up nicely. The chorus where Dave screams “BREAKOUT” I remember and still like this part.

Learn to Fly
Learn to fly has a nice guitar intro and while a slow singing and melody – all I can see is that damned video 🙂 This is such a sing-along hit its scary. Catchy, nice guitar and song in a rather relaxed note and the drums securely keeping it in line. It feels a bit polished and also you are entering more pop-rock than punk-rock or rock territory with this album and these songs.

Gimme Stitches
And even more hits. Gimme stitches has yet another great intro. Heavy droning bas and guitar. Builds into the same type of melody though. Rough intro, soft singing, nice melody and classic building up to an energetic chorus.

And yet another. I forgot how many hits and how early they all come in on this album. Generator does show the same build up, but have a more fireman escape:ish route . every time you think it will go into a heavy chorus – it doesn’t than it does and it is more energetic than the total loudness. Keeping the wowowowwwwoowww:ie sound. I’m glad I chose the cans that gives a clear sound on the drums – Taylor’s drumming is really tight.

Softy coming up. A break in energy and we have a slower intro and while the droning guitar or bass is there – this is clearly really more soft and melody focused. The song has a slight build up towards the end.

Live-in Skin
A build up intro, quick this time. While the theme of the songs continue, they are solid. Well made and the album feels so far very tight.

Next Year
Another slow Beatles like tune. We are really into pop melodies here. Still, there is something with the music being real musical instruments that comes out very clearly on this album and not a bunch of noise. Ends in a classic recording fade out though.

Another slowly intro. Dave singing soft. The song picks up speed and energy to the chorus. Round and droning guitars. Clear drums and Dave’s singing not screaming just intensity. Then back again.

Ain’t It the Life
A slow elevator music track starts up with a slow guitar. Lounge music once more. This could have been the intro to a Chris Isaac song.

Another song that just shows how many “famous” songs this album has. Muted singing and stringing along turns into a slow drummer marsh tune. Slow and soft and the energy is slowly building up in the first chorus. But instead of a full release it just gets more full-bodied. The guitar is rather “round” The sound of the instruments is very much fronted. Dave is putting some more pressure on the vocals here. A bit more energy and speed would have made perfect to me.

So the record is on its last song, The feeling I have is that I was trying to relive 2000. Not the year it was released but the time I was reliving was 2000 and 2001. Computers had taken over the media consumption and long lists on repeat and shuffle had replaced the mid 90’s go home pop the CD into the stereo and listen to the tracks and calling your friends to challenge each other to tracks. Now was the norm what still is the norm for me. Once I buy a CD I pop it into the computer – rip it (yes it is still legal in Sweden) to FLAC and mp3 files. Sometimes – not very often I do pop it into our not too old stereo.

I have to admit that I had really forgotten how good and solid this album is. I knew it is good, I mean if I ever get a neck tattoo… Yeah, well, looking at the cover makes me feel good and this little thorough listening has proven it. Still, many of the songs does tend too loose a bit of luck-lustre if you scratch a bit deeper on them. The build up is similar, the sound is also not challenging the overall sound on the album. I think that the album comes out as a bit boring, while good, due to it not taking any chances to go outside the norm really.



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  1. It’s the first time we have rather different views on the whole album I think, not just individual songs. But that just makes it more interesting x

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