I’m listening to Foo Fighters “The colour and the shape” 1997

Second album in the “I’m listening to Foo Fighters” with my wife. This time, I have also loaded up with a drink, a glass of red wine and beer 🙂

The listening will take this form: a quick commentary to each song followed by an overall impression. I remember this album. Had a friend in England who also liked Foo Fighters at this time and we discussed it over Messenger at that time 😉 Or if it was even ICQ… I remember that at this time I felt that this album and Foo Fighters in general lacked bass. I had a crappy setup at the time and well – you have to remember that WinAmp streaming and MP3’s and MTV (who sent videos of music *gasp* at the time) ruled the day.

Just to give you a small notice on what happened in 1997 to put this album into context…

The listening will be made on my computer with the following: Foobar, Pioneer U-05S DAC/AMP and AKG Q710 headphones. For my convenience the files will be lossless FLAC’s – CD rip.

I’m listening to Foo Fighters “The colour and the shape” 1997

folder01. Doll
02. Monkey Wrench
03. Hey, Johnny Park!
04. My Poor Brain
05. Wind Up
06. Up in Arms
07. My Hero
08. See You
09. Enough Space
10. February Stars
11. Everlong
12. Walking After You
13. New Way Home

Slow singing, a slightly bigger and more even sound when the rest of the instruments comes into play.

Monkey Wrench
Really moving and energetic intro to this “hit” song. I think that this was something that came into my life via the videos on MTV and I really remember this song – and got the album. I remember I thought Taylor Hawkins was good at the drums seeing him in the videos. Later of course, I learned that Dave had put down the drums for the album. Still Taylor IS a good drummer and so is Dave.

Hey, Johnny Park!
The newer, sound continues. It feels very much like the -97 sound. Things were happening and among the heavy RnB and rap year with some major artist poking their heads up. This was a fresh breath. Still, this song – while OK, could have more of the energy in the chorus’ throughout the song as far as I’m concerned. Still, the guitars, bass and drums are evidently more alive in this album than the previous. It sounds like a group playing.

My Poor Brain
This starts with a cacophony of sounds and then goes into a popish soft singing thing…
Then comes that contrast of energetic bursts. Making you long for more bursts and less of soft singing. Still, this is a tight record and I’m reminded why I like Foo Fighters, but also wonders why I’m not listening more to this album?

Wind Up
More rough intro. Guitars, very much guitars and that heavy rock – pop-grunge sound. Dave is still not all defined in his singing going from the slow popish into the growler. His rock voice is OK, but will be even more defined later on.

Up in Arms
We are back into the soft slow singing. Yawn. A bit like elevator music or a slow-lounge music. YAWN. – A few whistles and then we are into a more energetic session. Speedy and Dave is finding his pop-rock voice with ease (or at least it sounds so to me 😉 ). Still, pop:ish and if not for the guitars – that would be it. There is almost an “ominous”  feel of rock ‘n roll in the background.

My Hero
Good intro, sticky drums. Droning guitars. My Hero is a tricky song. I can’t really decide if I like this version better than the soft ones.. Oh hell I do like this better than the lighter-fumes version. The drums and the guitars makes this a more nuanced song. It adds depth and texture to it. Albeit Dave’s “new” better voice is better in later recordings and live – this version par singing is good.

See You
OK, American sing-song writing. “Catchy” comes to mind. Could be Brenda Kahn or whatever. Slightly or not even slightly just a *meh* song and until the second or third chorus it is really uninteresting to me. Feels like a gimmick song.

Enough Space
Disted guitars over the left to right – then a bass guitar intro. Drums building up to a droning guitar. Yeah – rock! This is the Foo sound I like. Energy overflowing! Too bad the song drops completely and the song sounds like it was recorded another place. Dave screams really good in the chorus and this song has something, but that intro. I want more of that in the chorus! The double chorus is great energy.

February Stars
And we are off to another slow start. While it can be a nice way to build up for climax’s in songs and such. This album is really giving and taking from low to the high in a roller coaster ride. This is slow and boring. Sorry to say it but Foo’s for me isn’t the slow songs. Not even in the end when you see the lighters raised to the sky – do I feel persuaded.

Good classic intro and yet another song that makes the video pop up in my head. Energy is better and the droning sound and post grunge is here again. It is still a bit of stoner rock/rock ‘n roll with slightly heavy riffs that is the order of the day. This is a great song that builds up for verse and chorus throughout the song. The drums are really great – the guitars and bass are also vivid and the song has many passages that are special and used nicely. A bit strong on the “big guitar” sound if anything.

Walking After You
We are back with another slow song, that has soft sounding guitars and overall sound. A sing-song writer softy again. And I’m instantly bored waiting for the energy. But I realize that this time it might not come… (It is actually so boring I slip away to take my pills…)

New Way Home
So we are at the end and at the end credits you get a song for it. Well, almost but this is the feel of the album. This is a slightly rocky pop:ish tune.  Still a bit distant vocals on this as well. A bit of British pop descendants here…. IN the end though we are treated some more Foo Fighters-esque screaming and speedier rock!

So how to sum all this up? Roller coaster. Both great and boring and unmoving into one really bumpy ride. As a whole – I have to say that I like this album. I really at the time it came out had some hope for the Foo Fighters to really become a band to keep an eye out for. Still, the silly tone in their pop videos and their love of slow really low energy songs was making me not 100% sold. But what can we say? Everlong. My Hero, Enough Space and Monkey Wrench. Strong good songs on this one.

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