I’m listening to Foo Fighters “Foo Fighters”, 1995

Since we have tickets to see Foo Fighters in Gothenburg later this year, this is a small “challenge” and write-along listen session to prepare ourselves. Me and PunkRockHappy will listen to the same album, and write down as we listen. Here we go.

The listening will take this form: a quick commentary to each song followed by an overall impression.

The listening will be made on my computer with the following: Foobar, Pioneer U-05S DAC/AMP and Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro, setting 2, headphones. For my convenience the files will be lossless FLAC’s – CD rip.

I’m listening to Foo Fighters “Foo Fighters” from 1995. 
After Kurt Cobain left this world, I felt like many other Grunge-fans quite sullen and sad. Sure, it was really bad what went down, but also, so much potential lost. When I later read that Dave Grohl would start something up on his own – I jumped on it and got the record. 1995 – I remember thinking that this was “ok-ish” but I felt a bit “cheated” since my egotistical mind wanted and had hoped that he would continue the legacy of Nirvana. It took a year or two until I really started to appreciate Foo Fighters for Foo Fighters, and not the “drummer from Nirvana”.


Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters

01. This Is a Call
02. I’ll Stick Around
03. Big Me
04. Alone + Easy Target
05. Good Grief
06. Floaty
07. Weenie Beenie
08. Oh, George
09. For All the Cows
10. X-Static
11. Wattershed
12. Exhausted


This Is a Call
OK, we start off with a popish tune that makes the Beatles roll over in their graves/homes. It is catchy and with enough hint of disted guitars and drums that makes it bearable. No – I don’t really enjoy The Beatles so influences may be OK, but I don’t like when you go Brit-pop. This is on the right side of influence at least.

I’ll Stick Around
More angry drums and snares kick-it of with a buzzing guitar. The tempo and energy drops radially when Dave starts singing. Still pop-ish with a hint of something more grunge-friendly in the background but it never really emerges. Enter the chorus and finally the potential starts showing. Dave is still a bit too soft in his voice and his voice isn’t yet what it will become later on.

Big Me
Really soft opening, Beatles and Tom Petty – and akin sing/songwriter and soft rock in abundance.

Alone + Easy Target
More disted guitars and low drums starts off the next track. Singing is a bit more direct, but droned out. It is still more akin to Queens of the Stoneage and stoner rock than the pop:ish rock. In the first chorus things get a bit more alive and more energy. Still a bit too seldom that that energy gets enough time in the spotlight IMHO.

Good Grief
Good grief starts off with more tempo. Drums are leading and the guitar is more following in droning rhythm riffs. Hey there, hey there, and we had some energy at last. Grohls puts some pressure on those vocal cords and the thing is alive. Going back into the verse and it is a monotone popish thing again. Sure there is a buzz of rock and grunge and stoner – but the singing is pop-rock until you hit the chorus. Still, one of the better songs so far.

The rounded sound of the guitar is back in this intro. Only guitar is leading us in a slower tempo song. The rest of the instruments and song explodes in a Dinosaur JR-esque manner. Still slow, some energy but that negative flow of grunge still evident.

Weenie Beenie
Now, the strongest intro so far. The Nenenenene-dam-dam-dam-Nenenenene and Dave pressing his voice to us screaming with heavy drums, low snares and the guitar going in heavy grinding and riff makes this one stand out the most.  Song is like it comes out of a megaphone.

Oh, George
Oh George is yet again back into the Beatles-esque area and slower, but still low heavy guitars.

For All the Cows
Slower, softer and weirder. Lounge music? Once the song kicks off – we are in the grunge area with rock. Grohl opens up and sings out a bit more. I like.

Guitar heavy intro. A slow dull droning song, that goes quicker in the chorus and have some build up – would have preferred that heavy drums to be more throughout the track though.

Angry guitar intro, low-key droning riffs and we are into the next one. Dave is pressing more in the song and the energy is better. A bit more angry on total level. This is more of the drumming I like from Dave. A bit more detail in the recording wouldn’t have hurt though. Now a lot of it tends to mix to tightly into one buzzing noise.

Slow, very disted, dum-dum-spoosh – soft singing. Electrostatic dist and slow. It is interesting to listen to this. The drums are really going all the time but it is hard to actually feel that they are making that much for the song? Instead of being so busy I would have liked them to have more impact. Guitar taking lead and rock sound is eminent – and the electrostatic disturbance sounds drones around the song and makes this feels like Trent Reznor is close to the wiring… OK, so the electrostatic noise is diminished towards the end and the song is really nice, but then starts to fade out when you wanted it to kick it up a notch.

OK, so we are that the end of this record and I have to say that really, if I hadn’t known that Foo Fighters was Dave Grohl, I would most likely have passed this one record as yet another Grunge-influenced guitar-grinding project. Weenie-Beenie would most likely have made me buy the record in ten seconds flat – or in those days, taken the bus into the city and to my favourite CD-store. If not then, I would most likely have bought it later since I like to go back and buy earlier records of bands I discover in mid-stride so to speak.


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