RAZER DeathAdder Chroma 2014 [Review]

Razer has a something of a love or hate situation online with gamers it seems. Some swear they are the best in the world – bar none. Others say they make the crappiest and most annoyingly bad quality stuff. I have a more middle road approach here. I think that Razer make the most overrated keyboards. I don’t think that their headsets are anything that shines. Not bad, far from worst. Most are however very comfortable and the Razer Carcharias was pretty neat all in all except from the abysmal microphone. But there is one thing they really nails in my opinion:
And not only gaming mouse but the drivers that comes with these mice are top of the line. Now a day I might add, it hasn’t been like that if you look into the rearview mirror. I have the last years moved from Steelseries mice, Mionix, Razer, Gigabyte, Asus and tried several. I really like the Mionix mice – but there is something with the clicks that just doesn’t fit 100% with me. Also the software isn’t that great. So I bought the Taipan, BF4 edition. And I absolutely love that mouse. It is not a good mouse for surfing with, playing RPG’s or strategy games – but for FPS, the different stages of DPI switching and the ease of making the mouse behave like I wanted it too, is great. So I don’t really like the Razer login drivers – but having a laptop – I had to agree that download and login and I could just plug the mouse it was pretty nifty. The real challenge came when I do what I usually tends to end up with – two mice. Yeah, I’m one of those guys that likes to have two mice on the same computer. One general strategy RPG surfing etc mouse and one FPS mouse. So I got the best feeling and most comfortable mouse I know of in the latest edition.
The Razer DeathAdder.

Cmparing the two.

Razer Taipan and DeathAdder

Side buttons still easy to access, the rubber rest make for good control.

Side buttons still easy to access, the rubber rest make for good control.

Top view, familiar view.

Top view, familiar view.

The DeathAdder is up with something called “Chroma” and seems to be the fab of 2014. Christmas lights for everyone everywhere. Fortunately you can turn that shit off. I’m not into that sort of thing and while I do like to have different light coloured for my different profiles – I don’t like things go colour to colour or such. My last DeathAdder was the original DeathAdder and I was this close to get the 2013 edition but saw that this one was coming with a few tweaks and better laser and stuff. So I waited. Now I can’t say if that was worth the wait or not but what I have in front of me makes me happy I bought a new DeathAdder. I have read some issues with the 2013 edition, but for every bad statement there are those saying it is a great mouse. And in honesty: Razer sells a helluva lot of mice world-wide and things don’t always end up as expected. That’s just life. The big thing is how they handle the customers that have been disappointed and in my experience QPad, Mionix and Steelseries are really nice people. Razer – well they are a bit far away which may have something with this 😉 Mionix and QPad are both Swedish and Steelseries is in Denmark – so really around the corner so to speak. Lets focus on the mouse.

The DeathAdder has loads of colours and if that is your game, you will be as happy as you can be, you can tune and mix to your heart’s delight. I like the original green, and a red for my other profile. The coating is some sort of gravel-feeling matte plastic offering a nice grip. The thumb and pinky grips are rubber and feels weird at first but now after a few days I really like it. The scroll wheel seems to be the standard lighted one with the middle core of rubber. It moves well enough. Beneath are the three small feet. I would have enjoyed larger feet like perhaps the ones from Zowie or similar. They do their work so far and on my Infensus matte I have not yet come to the decision to change them already for other feet.

The mouse is simple plug and play and since I had the Razer Synapse 2.0 I just plugged it in, Windows found it and downloaded everything needed. Done. I have two mice in the Synapse settings now. No problems switching between the two as I like. The Synapse drivers are really a treat and easy as heck to maneuver in and do the settings you like. You can determine the different profiles and buttons to behave in a multitude of ways. Hold for lower/higher DPI, use scroll wheel as another click button or simply as basic click-scroll or switch between DPI, sensitivity or profiles – whatever. Installing Razer mice continues to be a breeze and all other manufacturers that I have tried during the years are really well behind.

So how accurate is the mouse? Without turning into numbers or stuff ( they seldom tell me anything anyway ) I can say this: the mouse moves and behaves in way that I like. It is very subtle how the mice can feel, and turn you off or not. The Razer DeathAdder Chroma behaves well in most games. It is such a comfortable mouse and the only area that I have a difficulty with such a wide mouse (yeah I got kinda narrow hands) is in FPS where the Taipan is slightly more to my taste. I have so far not experienced and stuttering, lagging or jittering with the mouse. It behaves like you would expect. The Razer Chroma also have the “Scan surface” feature which is a part of the software where you can check how well the mouse and the surface (pads) work together. I saw this in Mionix first, but seems most companies have this feature now. Some of these software should also help in making the experience better. Can’t say I notice any differences but my Infensus pad and my Steelseries 4D and Razer pad all got good scores so no worries I guess.

Final word
Now with a clothed cord and rubber on the sides the DeathAdder feels more premium than ever. While the raspy feel of the coating isn’t the matte rubber of the original mouse – I actually think I prefer this version. The mouse is still very light wich makes it flow easily on most mouse pads. So if you want a heavier mouse, you may look elsewhere. There are no extra weights or anything to adjust weight.

I can easily admit that if you should have just one mouse – this is still the mouse I would suggest to everyone – the Razer DeathAdder is a great mouse. While the lack of a plethora of buttons might not be the optimal for a MMORPG player – everyone else should have most of their needs covered. One thing that makes it NOT absolutely top-notch is two more buttons that could be bound to DPI up and down. That and this would in my view be the best mouse in the world. But as a standard feature mouse for gaming and general use this is about as good as it gets when comfort, functionality and accuracy is in question as far as I’m concerned. The Taipan will still stay since I’m quicker with that one for FPS games.

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