V-Moda M100 XL memory cushions

I tried to use my V-Moda M100 as headset since I owned the BoomPro mic, BoomPro–>, but since my ears were always pretty much touching the inner of the headphones I never really got comfortable wearing them for a longer period of time. Also, at work I can use the M100’s fine for a few hours stretch – but at home, I’m more sensitive and my listening gets shorter. So I recalled that I had read something about XL cushions. And lo and behold – here they are: http://v-moda.com/xl-memory-cushions/ . I ordered and within a week I got them – pretty quick actually.

My gripe was how to attach them since I hadn’t really been able to make the standard cushions move in any way that indicated that they could actually be detached. But the internet is great, I found this really good video on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgat9VVVLlc – thank you miceblue425, that really helped!

Here are some photos of my changing my cushions and also showing slightly how they differ from the originals.

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After the new cushions is in place is there a noticeable difference? Yes, my ears don’t touch the innards any more. Also the sound signature is slightly altered. The seal is tighter and I hear less of the outside now. The bad side is that the clamping is slightly harder and me having a sensitive sport under my ear close to the jawbone am waiting for the memory effect of the cushion to apply and get a bit softer.

Still, I feel like this made the headphones more comfortable and will try them out a bit more with the BoomPro microphone. Still, they don’t feel like the best option for headset since they are bass-monsters! Listened to some Dirtchamber Sessions vol.1 by Prodigy and the bass is soooo oompfie in a good way :). Makes BF4 a bit painful if you are close to an explosion though…


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