Farewell SKYRIM, I might return…

So, I guess that when STEAM logs you in at over 100 office days in one game it is time to realize that you need to move on. I’m not entirely finished with all the DLC’s nor the side-quests but I did finish the main story twice. The tough realization is that I had played A LOT before STEAM started its logging of time. So, yeah, oh snowy peaks, treacherous caves and crypts, wind weary mountainside and unforgiving lands – it is time to move on. Why? Because yet another Dragonborn would most likely end the entirety of Tamriel.

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So in the days, months that I have played – I can say that stealthy elven women and strong Nord women have given their fair share of boot stomping to the world around them. I think that back in Guild Wars times, I had a discussion with some friends and we asked ourselves what kind of character we liked to play. I and some other guys preferred to play female characters. A friend of mine put it simply as this: “If I’m about to stare at a butt jumping up and down on the screen for hundreds of hours, I do prefer that butt to be female, thank you very much.” I can’t deny it, but there is something to that statement. I have another thing though: Protectiveness.
Yeah I know, we are wandering into cliches and while this doesn’t make any effort to take these questions deeply, nor just brisk ’em away with a “huzzah boobies” theme I( look back at some of my characters and realize that female characters are something I like to play. It fits with my fantasy mind for stealthy characters. Be it a cliche on not. I like it that way and I tend to care a bit more about female characters. I had a pain playing Lara as she fell, hurt herself in the game and took it very easy to make sure to take as little risks as possible. Playing Garret in THIEF however, I soon tired of it taking forever and charged in – the game penalizes you for that bu hey – I tired with the entire game anyway.

Somerhing else, I have always been a sucker to root for the underdog. In Baldurs Gate 2 I really liked to turn things around from the small kid that got lost and had to struggle to get somewhere and then come back as the child of Slaughter, and still here that you couldn’t get help and that you should get moving before someone summoned the guards. Well… I didn’t take kindly to that and in the special inn, I let loose the pit fiend and had him follow me into the streets. Oh joy – they don’t make games like that no more. Oh, ehr, well they do. Planscape Torment is coming back and Pillars of Eternity and Wasteland 2. Thank the gods for the return of isometric gaming comeback! 🙂

So, what is now taking my time? Well, I have a few hundred hours of BF4, but I’m already slowing down. I had a go at Titanfall but struggling to get back into it. My to play list is really a to finish list and looks like this:

  • Dark Souls 2
  • South Park
  • Orcs 2
  • Mark of the Ninja
  • Trine 2
  • Diablo 3
  • The Witcher 2 ?

It’s in no particular order, and just as well since Dark Souls 2 got me hooked. Bad!
I struggled to get into the game and almost gave up a few times, but then things started to slowly get going and now I’m getting somewhere. It is still hard and very unforgiving – but I’m on overtime it feels. I didn’t think that I would get this far and mostly wanted to try it out and see if it where like Blade of Darkness – and it was a bit like that.

It is a tough list I have to tell you. South Park got repetitive quite quickly and the interface is just not very good and the controls have been everything but yielding to a great experience. It is fun humor – but it is also very “sloppy” made.

Come autumn and a load of games will finally come our way that will bring back the times of old. 🙂 It warms my bones already. I wonder if Wasteland 2 will be any close to as captive as Fallout 2 was, if Pillers of Eternity can get me stuck for as long as Baldurs Gate 2 did or if Numeria can make me feel as Planescape Torment did – at least – now there will be a challenge for all these old gems.


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2 Responses to Farewell SKYRIM, I might return…

  1. YouTube video (account seems inactive) says:

    Hey man, I hope you don’t mind that I’m commenting here! I came from a video you made on YouTube qh 90 vs pc360 mic test.

    I’m considering buying the qpad 90 headphones but heard issues with size for larger heads. I noticed you had the ws55 I think on your desk in that video. I use those too and need them fully extended to use! Do the qh 90 extend as far as the ws55 headphones? Thank you!!

    • sketchywolf says:

      Hi there.
      No problem, just ask away. Sorry for being late to answer. Considering that I don’t own the QH90 any more, I have to speak from memory. As I recall they can retract more or less similar so if you can fit the ws 55 on today, you should, unless you’re head is as round as tall? Sorry, I’m not sure how to phrase it without sounding like I’m calling you a big-head or something. Not my intention. The QH90 is not as wide and spacey as the ws55’s are. So if there is a tight fit – definitely go and try them in a store or buy them on-line for where you can easily return them.

      That said, if you are coming from the ws 55 to this on your computer I think that you will notice that these seal better, give a bit better immersion and will be a more generalist than the ws55 are.

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