TITANFALL – and the titan fell out of grace [PC Review]

COD with Titans- no not really I said, then I had suddenly started the game over and I realised that after level 50 – it is EXACTLY like COD BLOPS. The mechanics of the game is the same and all of a sudden I just didn’t feel like playing any-more. It wasn’t just the lvl 50 restart the progressions and unlocks and skirt through it again. It was more – one thing that really got to me was how I never really had as much fun as I did during the beta phase. The game just didn’t reach those levels of being fun. And the reason?

The synch of the game is totally off. You think you are round-house kicking an opponant in the left kidney – he isn’t there but sprays you with two bullets…two? And you go WTF!! Rage and then I watched the kill-cam. I ran into a room, I see myself round-house kick the empty space looking totally like an ass and then chews half a mag and goes down into spawn mode again. WTF?

And the closer of an enemy you are the more likely this is to happen. And I just don’t find it fun. Seeing a guy facing slightly left, but the bullets spraying from his/her gun (which said person is according to animation is reloading) goes slightly upwards to the right. Yeah… Kinda kills the games immersion from me. With that – Titanfall is a great fun game for like 10-20 hours. After that, it falls as quick as you can punch “initiate Titanfall”.

Why? Well, the game is quite simple. It has its moments for sure. The Titans add some really nice tactics, but there are the same defence for it, hard as heck to get some tactical play going. The titans feels after some games really useless and meaningless and in some they are overpowered behemoths of death and destruction. It is just so varied between each game. While Battlefield 4 is really the king of unsynchronized gaming this year so far, Titanfall does so while trying to be the really intense game, full of speed and hectic combat. It is even more important that it is “correct” between the pilots once you find them and battle it out. Unfortunately, the same problem as COD appears, the animations aren’t a valid visual information of what is actually happening. Someone reloading and still shooting you. Kicking the other way – yet you are dead. You kick and supposedly should have killed one, but on kill-cam you are more a danger to the furniture.

The game comes with some play-modes on the few same maps. It feels rather sparsely and they could at least have given the community a map-making tool and this game could have lived on for long. But I foresee a train of expansive DLC’s with a few more maps and more unlocks. This is a bad case of the game within the game stealing the main show away.

Graphics – 17. If nothing else, it works pretty decent. The graphics isn’t overly nice for 2014. Rather a bit below average, but for the game-play it is crisp and clear and you get a good feel for things and nothing fancy to distract. The animations though, are off as I mentioned above. While that and the rather dull use of models and overall customization, it lacks more in the manner of creativity than ugly graphics. It is not the bells and whistles but it works.

Sound -18 The sound is nothing to write home about, which means the poor sound-people made their job. However, you can’t really get positions and the feel of stomping titans around you via the sound alone. The sound is a bit too weak and not used to its advantage. Guns sound OK, while you might would have liked something more astounding, but since most guns aren’t astounding the sound is doing its job to harmonize, but not raising the bar.

Game-play/Story – 15 Frustrating game-play and a none-existing story aside, the game IS fun while you are in the zone of cowboy:ing a titan, ripping shreds of metal away and jumping on and off all kinds of surfaces. It works so well, that when it doesn’t work – you get quite riled up and almost bitter and annoyed. They gave you such a fun toy to play with, but something is broken. That and the limited maps and play-styles that get repetitive quite quickly since it becomes more about the game in the game – the damned unlocks and achievements that is in the focus instead of fighting the other team/pilot/flag – whatever. This detracts from the moments of fun once you are no longer going OHMYGOD OHMYGOD THIS IS SO COOL IT IS NOT COD and you get to slow down and starting the grind and the umptieth time you get roundhouse kicked by someone you was so sure was totally unaware of you just to kick your head off on the kill-cam and you then start to see the people lurking around jumping pilots to get hard achievements. You realize you have yourself played three games in a row with a gun you hate to get those damned unlocks.

Controls/Quality – 23 The controls are pretty basic. WASD, space and a few more buttons and you are set to explore and shoot things. This works astonishingly well. The use of space to parkour your way around the maps makes it a breeze to pick up and enjoy yourself. This is the game absolute best trick. The controls and the feel of the gameplay (when the synch is on your side at least) is fun. It feels effortless and the gun-play is just right. It reminds me of BLOPS – a game that was actually fun to play. It is quick, it has something for everyone to do, even if you suck at pilot vs pilot you can go on minion harvesting spree and enjoy it as well. Only minor things really that bars this from making it absolutely top-notch. The timing of things doesn’t always seem consistent and the aim can be slightly off sometimes.

Total score: 73 Well, what would you know? This is the old famous 73. Again, a game that scores highly with many magazines comes in as highly playable, most likely to be enjoyable, but something stops me from having that blind fan-gasm again. Perhaps I’m getting old and bitter already 😉 Well, to tell the truth, I am getting more and more annoyed with games having games inside games and games no longer pushing the boundaries. Titanfall gives it a good shove and really raises the bar for FPS games, but just when you enjoy yourself, the old familiarities raises its ugly heads and kinda spits on all the fun. A better way to handle the Titans, the guns and unlocks would have been preferable. And why not a skirmish mode and why not a single player hunt minions mode like BLOPS had? Faked MP matches vs bots to get the ones not quite having a blast of their lives get some good fashion shooter action? Still, if you like and enjoy FPS online games – you will most likely make yourself a disservice not checking this one out. But be warned, many with me say they are having a blast and then quite literary in the middle of the hundrethandtwentieththird “Stand by, your Titan is ready” you see it for what it is and enjoyment dwindle in the same speed your Titan is reaching the battleground – fast.


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