I’m listening to Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds “Let Love In” [Remastered]

It is time to listen to the Nick Cave and the Bad Seed remastered albums. First out that I found was “Tender Prey” and the last I found was “Dig Lazarus, Dig”.

The listening will take this form: a quick commentary to each song followed by an overall impression. A quick note if the remastered CD was worth it, in terms of quality compared to original CD, and maybe, if I get around to it, a brief comment on the extra DVD that is shipped with each remastered album.

The listening will be made on my computer with the following: Foobar, LeadAudio LA120 DAC/AMP and AKG Q701 headphones. For my convenience the files will be lossless FLAC’s.

I’m listening to Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds “Let Love In” [Remastered]
First one where we are up to the point where I first stumbled upon Nick Cave. I guess it was during one late night during either the VJ less playlists or perhaps Alternative Nation that I first saw of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds the first time. I remember thinking it a goof and wonder what the heck was up with that singer and style. But there was something from the first moment – that I couldn’t quite get over and I know that when I first heard that the song was being one of three to come – I had to stay until it played and I was stuck. From that song, that moment and until now Nick Cave, and the Bad Seeds have become my absolute favourite artist/band. So, lets not waste more time.

Folder01. Do You Love Me?
02. Nobody’s Baby Now
03. Loverman
04. Jangling Jack
05. Red Right Hand
06. I Let Love In
07. Thirsty Dog
08. Ain’t Gonna Rain Anymore
09. Lay Me Low
10. Do You Love Me?, Pt. 2

Do You Love Me?
Hammering down the notes, a slower singing takes us into the great track Do you love me. The lyrics have gone increasing in style and is the usual none too happy story about man and woman and miserable love.

Nobody’s Baby Now
A calmer, yet marked with the rather distinct heavy strokes on the guitar to give it that “twangy” sound and clear piano. The voice – well the voice and the lyric is great. Still, it is in my opinion not a great song.

A bell that tools, soft chorus and that ominous song. Dark – much more to my liking 🙂 The crescendo is well more of a waterfall. Suddenly it breaks loose.

Jangling Jack
One of my favourite songs. Hard to describe why, but it is dark and sinister in a yet so give-hell-sort of way. Nick’s voice is really in that dark mood, Divina Comedy. The tempo is great, it is hammering along.

Red Right Hand
Suck a great album this one. Next song, really a strong one. Slower in tempo. Ominous as ever, with a soft dark voice Nick is moving us further down another grim story.

I Let Love In
If anything, it moved us here. The lyric is great, the singing is great – the song is lovely. The fourth verse turns into a crying prayer. Then back again.

Thirsty Dog
The tempo is up considerably.  Great lyrics:

“And on the occassions I came up for air
I saw my life and wondered
what the hell I had been living”

The guitar’s are really screaming in this one and the drums are close to some of weird marsh-beat. A cacophony made into a great song.

Ain’t Gonna Rain Anymore
A slow lovely but sad tune. One can but wonder if love ever been happy a thing for Nick and CO. On violin – Warren Ellis – I wonder if this is the first appearance on record for Warren? Ought to be so.

Lay Me Low
The song starts with a singing that is close to distorting, first on this record. Despite being not bad, this is a weaker one on this record. While nobody’s baby is slow and almost boring, this one is more of the tedious side with the singing being a bit stretched and almost forced.

Do You Love Me?, Pt. 2
The slow start with a cold guitar playing and then the organ catching up is very vivid. Nick is almost fragile in his droning voice. Dolorous :). I say this a lot by this one’s lyric is simply great.

We are down to that last question. Is the remastered version better or worth it? I have to say that I struggle here. 1994 – this is still the true age of making music. Production value is great and so is the original. No volume that has gone missing here so not much difference. I can’t really tell them that much apart so this is one record that you can go either way – the extra DVD will be some great fun if you don’t own this one already – or have played it into smithereens.  Not much to add, great songs and a great album.


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