I’m listening to Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds “Henry’s Dream” [Remastered]

It is time to listen to the Nick Cave and the Bad Seed remastered albums. First out that I found was “Tender Prey” and the last I found was “Dig Lazarus, Dig”.

The listening will take this form: a quick commentary to each song followed by an overall impression. A quick note if the remastered CD was worth it, in terms of quality compared to original CD, and maybe, if I get around to it, a brief comment on the extra DVD that is shipped with each remastered album.

The listening will be made on my computer with the following: Foobar, LeadAudio LA120 DAC/AMP and AKG Q701 headphones. For my convenience the files will be lossless FLAC’s.

I’m listening to Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds “Henry’s Dream” [Remastered]
OK, today we are listening to “Henry’s Dream” the third CD remastered from the same double take feature.

Folder01. Papa Won’t Leave You, Henry
02. I Had a Dream, Joe
03. Straight to You
04. Brother, My Cup Is Empty
05. Christina the Astonishing
06. When I First Came to Town
07. John Finn’s Wife
08. Loom of the Land
09. Jack the Ripper

Papa Won’t Leave You, Henry
That typical Nick Cave and the Bad seeds is imminent from the first tone. Great start, good tempo and good text.

I Had a Dream, Joe
Strong chorus follows with the that tempo and beat that is also typical. That blatant, yet well performed tune where it is so well thought out to create almost a discord, sort of, tune. Almost over the top – balancing.

Straight to You
And then we are into a song that is slower, droning, Nick’s dark voice is simply marvellous as it keeps that emotion and nerve.  If the previous songs were more align with” Murder Ballads” for reference, this is more “The Boatman’s Call”.
Just this:

Heaven has denied us its kingdom
The saints are drunk howling at the moon
The chariots of angels are colliding
Well, I’ll run, babe, but I’ll come running

The lyrics are simply great.

Brother, My Cup Is Empty
We are into the darker more “Divina Comedia” style of dark songs of strung out fates. The songs and tempo are close to folk songs, but with a more dark undertone. I just learned a word by googling that I like – Nick Cave’s voice is “dolorous “. 🙂

Christina the Astonishing
A slower, sader tempo but with a text that comes back to the religious undertones but also feels almost slapstick in it’s narrative. The organ and the quaking frog sounds however keeps in at a tongue-in-cheek level.

When I First Came to Town
Almost a bit country/folkish guitar intro moving to a slow marsh tempo. The song builds up towards the end but it is really the lyric and singing that makes this note-worthy.

John Finn’s Wife
Lower, darker and that Bad Seeds sound is back. Strong strokes on the guitar to accentuate the strikes. Fast lyrics. The song awakes in the middle and the lyric is still very strong. The song is a good build up song.

Loom of the Land
Softer, lyric-thick song. Strong song, the lyrics on the official Nick-cave.com don’t match that well though.

Jack the Ripper
Dark and heavy chorus. That Bad Seeds sound, striking hard guitar, marked tempo. Ominous voice. Good  lyric and great song.

Thus ends “Henry’s Dream”. It is not hard to understand why critics gave this in general good scores since this album is at an level of great songs. Now, is the remastered version better? Well, it is higher and you notice that CD is remastered. Slightly clearer and the sound is less dark in places. Still, there is nothing really wrong with original CD. You quite clearly can compare “Jack The Ripper” and hear the difference in volume, tone and also how the guitar differ. I think the remastering will be better for portables, but some songs feels like they might have adjusted a little too much. Still, the improvements makes the remastered version much more levelled experience and the song never moves out of place which it threatens to do on the original. It feels overall more spacious.


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