I’m listening to Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds “The Good Son” Remastered

It is time to listen to the Nick Cave and the Bad Seed remastered albums. First out that I found was “Tender Prey” and the last I found was “Dig Lazarus, Dig”.

The listening will take this form: a quick commentary to each song followed by an overall impression. A quick note if the remastered CD was worth it, in terms of quality compared to original CD, and maybe, if I get around to it, a brief comment on the extra DVD that is shipped with each remastered album.

The listening will be made on my computer with the following: Foobar, LeadAudio LA120 DAC/AMP and AKG Q701 headphones. For my convenience the files will be lossless FLAC’s.

I’m listening to Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds “The Good Son” [Remastered]
Before we start: Worth mentioning is that these first albums are the ones I went back to find after discovering Nick Cave. I don’t really have much to add about many of the early albums in what they mean to me. That will come later on.
Lyrics can be found at nick-cave.com–>>

01. Foi Na Cruz
02. The Good Son
03. Sorrow’s Child
04. The Weeping Song
05. The Ship Song
06. The Hammer Song
07. Lament
08. The Witness Song
09. Lucy

Foi Na Cruz
Well, this starts slowly with a sing-along choir like little song. Can’t say that this is one of my favorites. Pretty far from it actually.

The Good Son
We’re off to the lead song, and this is more hymn-like and has a southern tone to the start, but after the intro we are in to the more characteristic sound of NCATBS. That unnerving song with plenty of instruments vibrating. It still breaks off into almost James Bond:esque string like plateau, to then crash down into the chaos of tunes with Nick Cave’s voice rising above it. Good Son – good one 🙂

Sorrow’s Child
A dark droning Nick Cave with a chorus, moves us to Sorrow’s Child. Calmer again, piano leading and the rest follows. Sorrow is the main theme, crying and tears and never-ending sorrow seems to have been an ongoing theme for a while.

The Weeping Song
We go into one of my favorite ones, The weeping song. The Xylophone is leading this in a 80’s alternative way and Nick’s voice is backed up and the darkness and sorrow in this one is simply great. A quick search yields that the back up is sung by Blixa, but also my Nick himself and also Warren seems to have done the back up… And while we are onto this, can’t pass up the chance to mention Mick Harvey who seems to be involved everywhere.

The Ship Song
We are into another great song. Sad, lovely and full of lyrics to twist your head around. It’s a beautiful song. Worth mentioning is that other favorites of mine have covered this song; Pearl Jam and Heather Nova – It will be YouTube later on.

The Hammer Song
That xylophone starts off a more weird one. There are two instances of The Hammer Song – but this one is a dark ominous sounding one. Still the vibe is still that of a larger music sound. The guitar is different and I’m getting some 80’s vibes. Not surprising for this 90’s album. Not your mainstream 80’s vibe though – I might add.

This starts off like Lounge-music, the xylophone (I forgot to mention that on the last album so I have to point it out on this one as redemption 😉 ). Music-wise I can’t say it is a better one – but the lyrics are nice, a bit short in the build up.

The Witness Song
Alrighty – we are off into a better tempo here again. Gospel-vibes. I have a soft spot for when Nick Cave goes into gospel. It feels so right and wrong at the same time.  Had I more rhythm I would be standing up by my computer stomping and clapping – oh hell might just need another whiskey for that ;).
Oh man, this one is great – the build ups and that little growling in the phrasing is such… greatness 🙂

Well my movie-theme-music-vibes are vibrating again, this slow song starts like a song of the 50’s almost.  A harmonica is starting the finish here – but honestly I’m all spent after The Witness Song.

So, we are now done with that one. So we are off to the magic questions. Did I hear that this was remastered? Yes I did. The sound is clearer and more defined. There are some instances of the original where the song is too close to the mic – that has been fixed. Subtle and more modern, giving it a sound like a higher production quality overall. The album has a higher tone whereas the Tender Prey sounded more or less like the original, here you have plenty of remastered effects to find. When I started The Good Son, I thought – well is this really one of the good albums – and I stand corrected – EVERY Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds album is a good album – so are this. It doesn’t have the mega hits yet, but Ships song, The Witness Song and the Weeping song trio makes this a very strong album indeed.

If you should get it? Why don’t you already own it?


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