The search for a good gaming mouse – Avior 8200 – the search has to go on…

Well, unfortunately, I can’t write about how good this mouse it, how great everything is. Well to some extent, but I will come down to the same problems as I had with the Roccat Kone Pure, it feels good, before drivers it all feels promising, but with a crazy high DPI setting, I really need to fine-tune it to my preferences.


So, I install the Mionix drivers, go in and start fixing the settings – then I press OK and get this “Fail to set adjustments to ID” or something. I’m like “what the hell?” this is an expansive mouse…. and…and

OK, breathe easy.

I check a few things on-line, and I’m not alone, I see that updating the firmware does the trick. Well, for some it does, mine can’t find the mouse or it is not in boot-load. I check system and Mionix Mouse is there, I check on-line finds Boot load is right´left+scroll-wheel held in once you plug it in. A lot of nasty words – I don¨t know how you have it at home, but for me, I try to hide the cords, collect them neatly – it is a fucking pain to crawl around cause someone made sloppy shitty work of drivers.

No luck.

I go ballistic ape-shit for awhile. Some coffee later and rants and ticket sent I plug it in to another computer just to make sure. That computer can’t even fucking install the base drivers for it.

RETURN! For fucks sake Mionix, this is such a nice mouse, great feel, ergonomics is nice, the clicks superb – but the drivers are as with the old Naos 500 absolute pure crap and the same problems of the systems not wanting to find the mouse and work with it. Sorry – but this is so bad on so many levels it is just returned.

Now, that may sound well and all – but I have to pay for it to get returned, and my time is spent and this anger is brought on because I believed you knew what you were doing. I know that if the replacement doesn’t work – I know I will never touch a Mionix gear ever again.


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