Razer dad is back – Razer Taipan BF4 edition

Well, I have lately felt that I don’t perform that great in many FPS games. My speed and aim is a bit off. Sure – age does get to you sooner or later. If you’re like me, you most likely believe that it can’t wait some more years, especially since Battlefield 4 is finally getting worth playing with fixes and server-side patching. The netcode is still something of a joke – a rather poor one at that. But still, it is fun and the maps once you get to know them are quite fun. Not like BF3 still, but OK and a few are really fun.

So, why a new mouse? Well, I have tried my Zowie EC1 eVo and Steelseries Sensei, the Corsair M65 on Zowie GTF pad, Steelseries Fnatic pad, Steelseries 5L, Razer Destructor, Steelseries hard plastic. They all feel a bit skittish. Especially the M65 and Steelseries Sensei. Not to mention that the Sensei lately have the worst drivers ever. Takes forever to get something going and half the time you don’t know if you got it right. The M65 being a bit better but I realised that it was not only a bit too heavy for my liking, it was also too broad – making me controlling it too difficult. The Sensei, I came to realize, is also rather heavy. They made my Zowie feel feather like. The Zowie, while still being a good mouse, just didn’t feel so rapt. Also, I like in games like BF4 have 3 DPI settings to toggle with. The Zowie have 3 such settings, but the toggle is underneath the mouse. Not good.

So, coming to the realisation that I needed a more comfortable, but apt mouse with some DPI control I got the Mionix 3200. I have always like Mionix, but found the 5000 buttons to be a bit mushy. But the 3200 came cheap and had 3 DPI settings. It also sported a IR sensor instead of laser. Unfortunately I found out that the DPI settings were fixed and none adjustable – even with drivers. CRAP! Returned it and swore enmasse. I didn’t know any mouse that I would like. So I took some time checking new and upcoming mice. The Steelseries Rival would most likely have been my mouse unless the drivers were so abyssal. I also was going to try the  Roccat Kone Pure+ Optical, but recalling that the Pure laser version was troublesome – well impossible, to get running last time and also the Shift+ button removed the Mouse button 4 button – my most important button! – I decided not to spend money nor time on it.

So, going to easier ambidextrous mice, I started to get my hopes up for the Razer Taipan and the Mionix Avior 8200. I did fall for the Razer Taipan Battlefield 4 edition. I have had it today only, and it delivers really well. I’m already getting adjusted to it and on 600, 1200, 2400 and 3500 DPI I get more than enough DPI settings that I need. The performance on my pads is great. No skitting, no acceleration that feels awkward.  If anything it can be on the narrow side, but just. The drivers – that held me off Razer for a long time is really no hassle and while I still don’t like having to give them my e-mail I run with offline, so no mess. The setup is straight forward, and the only thing is that you have to click on show left, right side to get to the side buttons and I shut off the ones on the right side since I constantly click them by mistake.

Razer Taipan

My new setup

Well, my fears of buying into Razer again has so far not been true. The Taipan is a great little rodent. The buttons, I really like them. A real “clicketi” type of distinct buttons. The thumb buttons isn’t the greatest, but far from horrid, are on the small side but placement works for me. Some have complained of them being a bit too far back. Mind you that I consider myself having small-medium hands that are narrow and not broad.

One thing that I wasn’t prepared for was that the top shell of the mouse is in a hard plastic glossy  material. The Battlefield 4 theme is well – is not something I would show off at work at least 😉 But here at home it is OK. I like the orange scroll wheel though. The wheel is rigid enough to be able to function as an extra key as well as working well to switch weapons with. Really weird since the wheel isn’t hard to scroll. It has rather finely tuned yet marked notches that click when you scroll. The sides have a rather gritty tough rubber mesh that gives you a great control over the mouse. So far, I believe I have hit right with getting this one. If it doesn’t die on me so I have to re-plug it after booting up, like many other Razer mice have done – it’s a definite keeper.


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