iBasso DX50 – when love hits

So, I wrote this little piece sometime back: iBassothetoughlove, and now that I have had some time to listen to it. Yeah, I found out some things that were troubling it.
The Sandisk  microSD card was faulty, it is something they have admitted – the card in 32GB and 64GB had a batch of cards that were bad. So if your Sandisk 32 or 64 GB card is misbehaving, send it in and receive a new one. Can’t tell you what a relief it was when I received my new card, I had to do nothing like SDformat, Copyto, ID3tagger or anything to get it working. Simply put it in, fill with music – clean update to 1.21 at that time and after copying and scanning – no problems at all.

And the iBasso? Well, it sounds really nice and I have made it my new nightly companion for my little walks. My Samsung S2 – even with the ADL Stride – gets to stay at home. I have mostly used my Sennheiser 25-1 II, V-moda M80 and Sennheiser Momentum with it and seriously – those Flac files sounds heavenly. Especially compared to smart phone ear-hell! 🙂

It seems that the iBasso is finally getting a bit more stable and they have added some new features making the scan and playlists work better with each release of updated firmware. Some members at audiophile webpages say that the quality of sound is getting better as well. For me, I listened so little to it from the beginning due to the SD card problem so I can’t rightly say that it has – I can only say that now it sounds great and that I’m glad I bought it. 🙂


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