Corsair K70 black, PC gaming keyboard Red MX switches.

I know, I have been late in posting up things here lately, but I’m working on a couple of items that I need to write down, take a few snapshots and give you some of my feedback on.

First out is my Corsair K70 Cheery Red MX Switches keyboard. Some of you might know that I have previously made a blog entry of both the K60 and the M60. ( Link to my review here –>> ). I have the M65 sitting on a shelf close by, but I have not yet made the effort to install it. So I will be back with that one later. This keyboard is after I had to RMA my CM Storm QuickFire Rapid Red keyboard. ( Link  to my review–>> ). Unfortunately the keyboard got a stroke of the ALT key dying. It seems that some of the batches have had this problem and to me, I thought I was safe having used it for several months without any hiccups. Well, colour me surprised… RMA done – what to get? Same – nah, even though I liked the keyboard and really had a problem to get my Filco Ninja Blue MX keyboard take place – I had during the RMA made that keyboard my main board and well, gaming aside, everything else flows better with blue MX switches – but the gaming was suffering.

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Then I saw that Corsair was going to introduce the K70. It is more or less the same thing as the K65 with the following IMHO excellent changes:

  • In black as well as brushed aluminium version.
  • Red back-light, in 3 strengths, you have WASD, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 mode and you can customize it to the individual keys of your choice!
  • All keys are Cherry MX Red this time. No membrane keys!
  • A new full-length wrist-rest.
  • A switch for changing some weird setting with BIOS *

* This switch can sometimes fix problems if your keyboard is acting up. Say you start and it is unresponsive, some keys won’t work, the lighting is haywire etc – switch the setting back and forth and in worst case restart and this COULD fix your problem.

So, the keyboard is more or less the same as before, has the overall same feel more or less but changes so much with the backlit, the colour ( I got the black as you can see from the gallery above) and the gaming keys feeling slightly less curved (could be imagination) but it feels like they changed a lot of the things I didn’t approve of last time. The Red switches are more difficult to type with than the Blue, but much better to game with. The corsair keyboard feels overall slightly better than the CM Storm. I don’t even have the soft landing pads on this one yet. It just feels right. Another bonus is that I got the numpad back – which is great when paying all the invoices for all the stuff I buy and sell on-line ;).

So, all in all, this is now my main keyboard and I hope it will be for a considerable time. The keyboard feels and looks great, works well with gaming and better with typing. The armrest is doing a little to make it a better overall feel for mainly typing at least.


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