Klipsch Image S4 White In-Ear Headphones [Gadget review]

After having decided that I have enough on-ear headphones to last me awhile and that I already have plenty of variation there, I’m now returning to look at the portable aspect of listening to music. The everyday listening to your smart phone MP3’s on the bus, at work, while taking a stroll etc – to a new set-up of enjoying high-definition music on the go.

My latest in-ears where the Motörheadphönes Trigger’s, and while I enjoyed them, I always looked at them as a bit of gimmicky and not that well sounding. Compared to what I have, they sounded a bit weird comparing to my Sennheiser plugs, and also my Creative plugs. Still, they are enjoyable, and they sound a bit better and they can become worthwhile if you do stay with them and adjust the eq on your phone. My best experience with my Samsung Galaxy S2 were with the Poweramp player. Winamp didn’t sound that good and on my Cowon D2 – they simply didn’t sound that well.

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So back to the deal of the week, in my daily visit to different web shops the Klipsch Image S4 appeared on a banner with the words sale – to that meant SOLD 🙂 Two days later I was sticking them in my ears and after that I’m not sure I want to use any of my other plugs. Now, the first experience was with my D2 playing some wav files, and they sounded just brilliant. For 50% of the price they cost me less than the Triggers, and they outperform the Triggers in every aspect. Not surprisingly. They also outperformed my Sennheiser’s by being slightly more vivid in space and not sounding like stuck in a tin can. Something that is the only bother with my Sennheiser plugs. The bass is however a bit fickle, and I noticed that when I was using the standard “MP3″ curve in the eq, where I slightly boost the bass and the high” they sounded a bit weird, like the bass was rumbly and a bit slow. Kicking over to Winamp where I keep a flat EQ and no effects, they sounded all together really well.  Nice bass with a rapt response and the drums stood out nicely from the bass-guitars in many rock-beats and the mids and highs here defined and giving an overall very pleasant image. They handle volume increase well and stay defined and solid for a high volume which is nice for those times you really want to push a song to the limit.
So par from being a bit sensitive when it comes to eq and pre-amp and other effects that you can turn on in your software – these are really nice plugs that comes in either white (as mine) or black.

Comfort-wise I have to say that I’m happy with them. The ear plugs they are shown with on the photos are the ones on by default and while a bit stiff when it gets cold (tried them while walking outside the other day when it was somewhere around -5 degree Celsius and rather windy) and it takes a bit for them to settle. Once they settle they stay pretty well, not for any sport activities as far as I’m concerned but well enough for biking walking etc.
There are two replaceable plugs, one with a double set-up and one simply larger. According to a small leaflet inside you can twist them and have the cord from the plug go over and down back your ear to make them steadier for jogging and such. Haven’t tried this though. The initial form makes you think they go the wrong way in, but once there – no problems at all.

Finally I can strongly recommend these well sounding plugs. Standard price in Sweden seems to be around 500-600 SEK, and if you can get them ,like I did, for 299 SEK – don’t hesitate.

Official page for the Image S4 –>>


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