Cooler Master Quick Fire TK Brown switches [Gadget review]

If the QPad MK-80 is too big and the Quick Fire Rapid Red is too difficult to type on – where do you turn to get something that is in between these two? Well, I read and found this keyboard: the Cm Quick Fire TK Brown switches. The brown being easier to press and without the registration click – but with feedback for the registry unlike the red sounds like a mix in between. For further terminology and mechanical switches differences:

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Since the Quick Fire Rapid Red has been my main keyboard for some time now, I decided to sell my MK-80, not without shedding a tear cause I really loved that keyboard, but the Ten key less feature is just too damn good. But the red switches are difficult to type on so I have been on the look out for a brown keyboard that is a bit different and also enough of a difference from the others to validate a purchase. I have been looking at the Ducky TK Browns, but the price been a bit of a buy-killer. The Quick Fire TK came up on a search through some stores online and sounded great. The things I really miss on the Quick Fire Rapid Red are:
Numpad – I do a lot of bank errands
A switch that gives good feedback on being pressed

The TK had these things, but not as you may think. The Quick Fire TK is a Ten key less widthed keyboard with the numpad intact. They have taken away/integrated the arrow keys and INS, HOME, PGUP, DEL, END and PGDN buttons with the numpad. You switch that on and off by activating the numpad or the other keys. Works OK – but hard to figure out which are active.
Also, the keyboard has the same media functions as the standard Quick Fire Red has. It also have a locked mode (activating the alternative mode of the F1-F12 buttons), and different lighting effects. 4 strengths of that white light with the weakest being a bit too bright, and the brightest bear blinding. You can also get only WASD lit if you like.

More differences is the keyboard itself. It is housed in the Quick Fire Pro casing instead of the Rapid casing. The Rapid casing being heavier and more solid, the Pro being lighter and more plastic. The keys are slightly rubberized instead of clear. Nothing that actually makes that much of a difference. The TK has USB only but plenty of NKRO to not make it any problem. The Brown switches feels a bit like rubber dome but more pronounced and the registration is much lighter and less obvious than the clicketi blue ones. I understand that the Browns are considered as good for gaming and typing – but honestly – I miss my blue switches from my QPad MK-80. I also miss the housing feel of the sturdy casing of the Rapid. The Quick Fire TK Brown really feel like a compromise and I can’t really say that I prefer it to any of the other keyboards – but–

It is for now the best option. How to describe that? Well, the things I miss the most with a pure TK I have, and I have missed the backlight sooooo much. Still, I believe that my next keyboard will be a Blue Switches Ducky ten key less with backlight.

Because this keyboard feels like a cheap version of the others and doesn’t really make that much of a difference compared to a Logitech G15 II or nay keyboard close to that. The switching between numpad mode/arrow and INS, Home, PGUP mode is difficult and the lighting schemes are confusing and not very informative. In fact that despite all the things it does right – I’m sorely tempted to actually put my Quick Fire Rapid Red back right now…

I would strongly recommend this keyboard to any who have the problem – TK vs full size but not willing to trade the Numpad. Likes red, but can’t type on it. Needs back light and do have a budget that make you skip the pricier versions out there. If however, typing is your thing – I would strongly recommend you to pass this and go for Blue switches and go for a full sized one. Possibly the Das Keyboard. If gaming is your thing and you don’t like the clicketi sound, no feedback but straight keys – perhaps the red or blacks are your thing.
In the end – make sure you can try out which keyboard suits your need best and try them out. The Quick Fire TK Brown is a great compromise: but it is a compromise and that is the only really bad thing that I can add.


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