Everybody was Sleeping like Dogs – Sleeping Dogs [PC review]

I know I’m late to the party on this one – but I got it on the STEAM sale, installed it, and didn’t start playing until a few days ago – well more than a week to be honest. The game is exactly the type of game I ordinarily avoid, a GTA styled game. But I played Batman and liked it due to the fighting and the story and after a few tips from some friends – I decided to try the demo. And I liked it. Oh boy did I like it. I’m a fan of Hong Kong action movies and this one was right down my alley – and also – there was this DLC that added a Chinese ghost story – I mean come on!?

So, I started playing and liked the action, I liked the story and I could even get over the parts of having to drive the vehicles – and I beat the game and DLC’s with my mouse and keyboard. Yeah you heard me – no XBOX controller or something like that. True PC style. Admittedly, I had to switch to from one Zowie EC1 eVo to another – the white one, to get the most sensitive clicks out of the mouse part. Then I was all set.

So was is there to say about this game that hasn’t been said already? Well for starters – the controls are a bit difficult at first, and if you decide to go for mouse and keyboard – hang in there and don’t mash the button. Download the free high res texture DLC. And start playing. A few pointers – there are clothes that give you bonuses as well as different food stands. It gives you some boosts in fighting or in health generation and you should buy it as often as you can since money is easy to get and health and extra damage is golden. Also, read the small in-game pointers and get the little statues and mini games done. It will make you a real bad-ass and once you start unlocking some fighting modes – this games really gets going.

The story is easy enough, a police officer from San Francisco that gets back to Hong Kong and starts infiltrating the Triads. Of course – there are plenty of problems and the story that unfolds tells about treachery and friendship and a guy with one foot in the triads and one in the police force. It is well made, the voices are good and the Hong Kong you run around in is great. Only problem, at least for me, was that you get away with rather much like car-jacking and running over people to the right and left if you are bad at driving. part from that, there are plenty of hours of fun in this one. Check for STEAM sale or Green Man Gaming sales and make sure to get this little pearl of a game.


Graphics – 17. It is a wee bit dated, but with the extra textures and considering that the game is a port from the consoles, it looks nice and while nothing is over the top, the graphics works nicely. You really are in a Hong Kong full of life – even though the thugs and people roaming the streets are clones upon clones. The game is smooth on a GF660Ti with everything jacked up to higher settings and the HD texture pack. Really nice job in making the city come to life.
Sound – 17 The game doesn’t really offer much of a nice sound map. The streets aren’t exactly bustling, the harbour isn’t full of seagulls and clamors, the high streets are more or less devoid of that bustling city sounds. Good are the voices however. They do sound like Hong Kong movie types. Some corny, some good and some are silly – but all are fitting. The main character has a real nice attitude that comes out in the cut scenes or exclamations during your high-octane fights.
Game-play/Story – 22 The game sucks you in both with the story and the game mechanics themselves. You really want to go on dates, help people shoot some parkour clips, fight the different fight clubs, partake in high-speed races and the occasional high-speed hunts through busy streets with guns blazing. The story is nothing stellar – but it does the job firmly and uses the ingredients that you would expect of a Hong Kong action movie. If you are not into this type of movies, you probably won’t enjoy it that much.
Controls/Quality – 17 The game have the same problem that many other ports have. The translation to mouse and keyboard isn’t the best. The game however is playable thanks to it not being to cluttered with too many commands and the same key does many different actions depending on the situation. It demands however some concentration and if you have a good concentration most fights and driving won’t give you too much of a problem while still being challenging. If you are sloppy, you can easily get your ass handed to you in a fight – especially with several opponents and if weapons are involved, dying comes easier. If you do die – you loose money and are back into the game in no time. There are some flaws that are more annoying than others however: the throw enemies are an important action in some parts of the game where you have to grab and then grab again to use the environment to hit your foes. Since steering Wei (your character) is abysmal in some events this gets really difficult to time and you may have to replay some scenes a few times. Also, the camera is in some tight corridors and areas prone to get stuck in the walls making your fighting or shooting near impossible. Also, you can lock on targets – but i didn’t really notice any benefits with this.

Total score: 73 Not being a great accomplishment in the technical department is saved by many other things, the story, almost no real bugs and being fun to play – this score doesn’t really do the game justice. But, I’m not paid by any company to give out stellar scores and while Hitman Absolution was an OK game to play, this has almost the same score but was much more fun to play and in regards to that I can still say that this game was really fun.  A small disappointment was that once done with the main story – I didn’t really want to go back to unlock achievements or finish side quests. The game in it self gave me small rewards by unlocking different types of moves and benefits in game that the small achievements that blinked up now and then just felt annoying – but then again I don¨’t really like achievements that aren’t incorporated in the game play in a very smooth and not taking anything out of the immersion away. 

I played the game with the following DLC’s:
HD texture map
Community Gift Pack
Nightmare In North Point (really fun – but a tad short)
Valve T-Shirt Pack (annoying since it just cluttered your wardrobe)
Zodiac Tournament (Enter the Dragon island with martial arts fighting. Fun)


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