QH-90 – the day after

So, I’m sitting here swapping headsets. My QH-90 and the Sennheisers PC G4me 360. I realize that it is no turning back, I have to try out the microphones. And how to do that? Well the obvious answer is to try it out in-game but that would mean I have to check how others perceive my voice on their setup – so no. I turn to STEAM first and crank stuff up and do the microphone test. You speak and with delay you hear yourself. Switch the cords around a bit and we have the next headset up – the king of Microphones for gaming as far as I know – the Sennheiser G4me PC360. Now in all honesty – they are both real good and you hear what you say loud and clearly. The QH-90 demands some adjustment to get best receiving quality while the Sennheiser just picks up your voice regardless of it being off a few centimetres.

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More than that though – I feel that after being a bit mean to the Sennheisers yesterday and with the nerdgasm cooling off a bit – I will do one better. I open Audacity and records some speech more or less in the same voice and saying mostly the same half-interesting things. Now you have to live with my voice being what it is – but here are the two soundtracks:
OK, or here they should be could I effectively share them with you…? WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT! Alright – I have to make video files and upload to YouTube – stick around and I will try and fix that…. Even more WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT??!?!?!?
I have now tried Wax 2.0 and ezvid and grrr is all that I can say…

Alright, finally, made an easy video which should at least give you some indication of the sound quality of the respective microphones. –>>

To me the Sennheiser is better, and looking at the audacity recording, the gain level of the Sennheiser is simple higher and clearer. Still, both are really good comparable with Siberia, Razer etc. Earlier microphones or stand alone mics I have used have been sound like gibbering garbage in comparison.

A side note is that I’m trying the “remote” addition for the QH-90, a small squarish box with a mute/answer phone button/volume scroller. The answering your phone isn’t something I’m going to test, but if you like to sport the QH-90 as your mobile headset as well, that’s a nice feature – though with a huge ass-long cable attached. The volume check and microphone mute are nice features though.


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