Trigger Earphones and AudioTechnica ATH-WS55i headphones [quick review]

This year is on the second month, and already I have bought two new headphones, the AudioTechnica ATH-WS55i and the Motörhead Trigger Headphönes.
Now, some of you might have gotten the idea that I’m not an iPhone nor iPad or hell – even Apple person – and you are correct – so why did I buy the ATH-WS55i then?
Because it was a few hundred SEK cheaper than the WS55 version – and I also bought a connector for my Android phone, a little no-name gadget: CLICK HERE TO BE WARNED>>: that promised to convert the iPhone controller on the WS-55i to Android compatible actions. Review in one word?
It doesn’t work – however, it makes things even worse; it only half mutes when pressing the take call/play/pause/ button and the volume triggers doesn’t work at all and the sound quality becomes shit with it connected. Without it, the press to pause/play works and keeping it held for a second longer and your activating “next”. So you are better off without this piece of load crap shit bogus fake thing!

Back the headphones then…

Part from having the silly overuse of “ö” instead of “o” – the Trigger actually delivers on what they say: a rich mid and not an overuse of the bass – but still not weak. It do deliver on this. The mids are sounding good and the bass is rap and defined. It works very well with rock ‘n roll music and also works nice for your YouTube and listening to someone talking or singing. Some other music doesn’t really come out that nice though. Already a rich bass and rich lower mids can lead to a rumbling sound and really thumpy music can sound somewhat distorted. For the price however, and being a phone targeting metal and rockers – it does deliver and in the price range I would say they are actually worth it. If you want more of an overall quality and music range I would suggest checking up earphones from either AKG or Sennheiser in the same range. However, you won’t get the cool carry bag with the Motörhead logo and the metal buds Triggers. The Overkill version has a microphone for iPhone if you like that.
One detail that I liked was the little metallic thingamabobs that was used to keep the split cords together and lessen the inevitable cord hassle. Also, the bent 3.5 mm jack is a nice edition.
The Trigger earphones fit me well and I felt relieved that I didn’t have to go through the entire extra sets of buds to get them to sit comfortably in my ear. The Trigger are made for portable use and doesn’t really gain that much extra from AMP’s.
Read more about these and the rest of the Motorheadphönes here: –>>

AudioTechnica ATH-WS55i
While not delivering full function for the Android phone, they do deliver on the most important actions: play/pause and skip. Par from that – the phones after getting a bit of burn in do deliver a really nice sound quality with a really nice and rich bass segment. The lower mids are there and also the highs are presented well. The headphone comes off as a rich sounding fairly well-balanced to my ears and so far it suits most styles of music I listen to. A small warning to some: for the heavier rock with already boosted drums and bass it can end up being a rumble and you have to adjust accordingly with the EQ. The AudioTechnica is roughly around 100€ in price and I found the “i” version for a barging around 65€. So I tried them to see if they delivered not only on the Android but on my stereo and on my computer with AMP’s and DAC’s. On my stereo, the headphone AMP really pushed out something extra from the WS55i. The sound was even richer and the mids and bass got even more defined. I dare say that to have the full experience of these cans from a portable system you will need a portable AMP or a really strong player that delivers a bit more than average cellphones/smartphones.
The ATH-WS55i has one flaw, and that is the over the ear pads that is not a full size can and not quite as small as on-ears either. It is a bastard in between. This makes it a bit difficult to find the perfect spot for easy listening and comfortable wear. I also had to release the “clamping” power of mine since they were a bit too hard and made my ears hurt. After adjusting the beam and having them in tension they got a bit softer and felt OK. Not the most comfortable cans I have but enough to stand music on the bus or for an hour or two. The cans also shuts out the world around you making your listening no.1. They are using pleather both on the bean and the ear cups which can be a bit sweaty with long use, but the headphones are very light for the size. The beam arc out though and makes the profile a bit wide for the portable use and looks a bit too “big”. Still, the sound and overall comfort made these a real bargain for me. The earphones have a 3.5 mm plug that is bent to fit nicely with portable players. You can also twist the ear cups so that the pleather rest squarely on a table or flat surface to avoid wear and tear on the construct.
I would say that in the prize range of up to 100€ they are really up there in the top delivering really nice quality and working both on the go as well as at home, while portable being the preferable here in my opinion. Read more here –>>

To sum it up, I have tried both with my Cowon D2 player, my stereo and computer and listened to a lot of different music, piano concerts, Motörhead – of course. Dire Straits, Dead Sarah, NIN, Metallica and well you name it. A lot of different types of music. All in all, The ATH-WS55i held their own very well and stands to be the winner for pure sound quality but the Trigger earphönes were a lot better than I had thought and while not the best phones I have for listening, they will be my Android’s plugs for the time being.


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