ZOWIE EC1 eVo Pro Gaming Mouse – white [early review]

I received this some 24 hours ago. Already I can state this: “this mouse is great”. Now you may wonder how I can say this so quickly, and that is because the mouse is so simple, so I have had lots of time to enjoy it rather than being frustrated over drivers and such. The Zowie mouse is plug-in and then you play. Really, that’s how it is. The functions of setting other DPI and polling rate is easily described by the packaging box. Switch DPI underneath the mouse. 3 stages. Polling hold indicated button pressed while reconnecting the usb port. Done. Play.

So simple that you really feel amazed that the mouse works and delivers. So the raw facts isn’t that impressive. It’s an optical mouse, not laser, the dpi switch is 450/1150/2300.
The lift cap is 1.5 mm and this is all the settings:

If you want to lower the Hz from the plug-and-play 1000 Hz, then follow this simple procedure:

Make sure the mouse is UNPLUGGED.
125 Hz: Hold mouse 4+5 and plug the mouse into USB. When the wheel lights up, the mouse will be 125 Hz.
500 Hz: Hold mouse 5 and plug the mouse into USB. When the wheel lights up, the mouse will be 500 Hz.
1.000 Hz: Hold mouse 4 and plug the mouse into USB. When the wheel lights up, the mouse will be 1.000 Hz. (Only do this if you have previously changed to 125 or 500 Hz).

So after this – we are simply back to how the mouse feels and performs. Since there isn’t that m much of drivers or settings – it is like it or not. So first up:

I switched from the EC2 since I felt it was too small to fit comfortably in my hand. The mouse buttons become to close to my palm instead of my thumb and my fingers and had to adjust to fit comfortably when playing. Got the EC1 and was a bit afraid that it would be too big. It wasn’t. It is very close to the Razer DeathAdder but without the strong curve where the thumb rests and doesn’t have the winged formation of the right and left click buttons. This fit me very well. The mouse have a comfortable weight which is good since it is not adjustable. The weight feels centered and low int he mouse and still is on the lighter side of the scale. So if you like to add weights to the mouse. Check this as a parameter to worry about.
Note: if you don’t like the slick coating – there are the black mice of the EC series (and also the limited edition blue) that have a rubberized coating. The standard mice have like the DeathAdder – coating on top and free on the sides. The eVo and limited Blue edition have on the sides as well as the top rubberized. From the feel of the black EC2 I had briefly, this material is very satisfactory. The white however reminded me of the QPad OM-75, a mouse I really liked except two things – the high low DPI settings were too far off to feel great. When making one work the skip between them made the other unusable in my opinion. Also, the QPad OM-75 have a height and curve leading down to the left and right buttons that my hand couldn’t agree with that led to finger joint pains for me. Really sad. The Mionix Naos have similar shape to the QPad’s but less height making that curve much more enjoyable, but the Mionix mice have some real buggy software and the thumb buttons aren’t as “snappy” as the QPads or the Zowie – nor the Steelseries Xai/Sensei’s either for that matter.

Now, I have the white and it is a slick mouse. While I may consider that sweaty palms could be a problem, the mouse sticks like glue to my hand and I have no problems after running around in Skyrim for hours nor after playing some Counter Strike. The height and form of the mouse favours slightly the palm or palm/claw bastards out there. You could probably go claw as well, but the mouse doesn’t support that more like for example the Kinzu, Logitech G9 etc.

The glides are good from the start, and you receive an extra pair. The glides are two large pads really, one in the front covering the entire front bottom and one even bigger in the back covering that area. They are semi-circled and I wouldn’t think it would be hard to order whatever material and in worst case cut your own.

The first thing I checked were the drifting while lifted I had noticed from the standard EC1 on some YouTube clips. My mouse didn’t have it, not at all. Doing the parallel lines and drawing straight lines I didn’t notice anything wrong here. Also, no negative acceleration – being optical and all that. I’m using mouse pads and that could be an issue if you don’t. Some say that wood could yield troubles in tracking. I tried both a steelpad and QPad soft mat and the Zowie GTF and the S&S. No problems at all.

If the form fits your hand, I at least found the thumb buttons being easy to access and the clicks where nice and distinct in their feedback. Not any problems to get the click to register. All around the clicking is just working. The scroll wheel is OK. It is different from other being very distinct in the scrolling and this is great in shooters if you have it tied to switching weapons or other commands. It doesn’t really do that well in Windows applications and I found that the precise low scroll speed is something I have to attune since I used the scroll wheel scroll when surfing. No biggie but for gaming – I have to say that it is a plus for controls – RPGs and long list scrolling – not too great but I’m comfortable that I can make changes int eh setup to adjust to my liking.

Final words
I really like the mouse. It fits wonderful, and have that “just working” attitude that I have grown to like from me switching from gaming keyboards to simple mechanical keyboards. i don’t get hangups on how to set up my gadgets. Less time to fret and more time to game. The Zowie had tough competition this time. The new super high DPI mice Roccat Kone Pure – that didn’t work on my system at all, the Gigabyte Aivivo. Both very good mice with many settings, DPI switches and colours and and and…

You see what I’m getting at? If the Zowie fits and the DPI setting work for you – it beats the other mice away with its simplicity and good all around settings. Really, just plugging it in and run was well worth it. That it later also proved to be comfortable and accurate – damn – I realised how much I have missed optic mice that were good.

Lastly I have to admit that I’m a wee bit superficial as well, I did chose the white version very much because it looked really nice sitting close to my white bright chassis.


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