Of mice and men…(Some woes when trying out a new gaming mouse)

So, this last week I have had my eye on a few gaming mice I wanted to try out and see if I could get a mouse that is more of a generalist mouse than my current Steelseries Sensei – so I started to check the internet and the two top contenders where the Gigabyte Aivia Krypton, and the other the Roccat Kone Pure.

Said and done – I ordered the Roccat remembering the Kone [+] with some fondness but way to big for my hands. The mouse arrived, felt sleek and great fit. Unfortunately I can’t tell you much else regarding the mouse because I never got it to work. As soon as Win7 had booted the mouse stopped functioning. Whatever I did; clearing the USB in the utility manager, cleaning the registry, washing out old USB drivers via booth regedit and with a USB port cleaner tool – no avail – the mouse never responded. So RMA.
The mouse did until the moment I packed it back down feel really nice, the texture was a coarse finish that offered nice grip. It bit on the light-weighted side and no extra weights to adjust with. Distinct buttons and a good scroll-wheel.
Read more about how wonderful the Roccat mouse should be if working here –>>

This lead to me getting the Gigabyte Aivia Krypton.
This mouse was the opposite, where the Kone Pure had stolen two evenings from me, the Gigabyte mouse was installed and first configured in under ten minutes – I even had time to check the weight system, the two different plates with either teflon or ceramic skates. The mouse felt good, once you get into it, the shape actually felt nice if a bit “narrow”. There were two main gripes however with the mouse:
1. The thumb buttons were really crap. I mean it was  crap for me, and they were mushy in the beginning that meant you pushed a bit, no click and then it came. Not very good if you want to have a good feedback on your actions.
2. The mouse simply didn’t work – at all on some mouse surfaces. I tried it on the Steelseries 4D – no action whatsoever, the 4S, equally – no response,  QcK+ limited edition – Fnatic pretty OK, the Zowie G-TF Spawn, didn’t work either. So hard mouse mats were a big no-no and this was with either of the two bottoms in place. So if you like the hard mouse mats, you better write to Gigabyte and ask for tips regarding mats that will work.
Read more about the Gigabyte Krypton here –>>

With all this in mind, the two mice that I had left on my list were the CM Storm Inferno Gaming Mouse and the Ozone Radon 5K – Laser Gaming Mouse. The last I have read some worrying things regarding the laser on and some mentions that it is not tracking so well.  This makes me reluctant to waste more money on sending mice back and forth to no avail  The CM Storm has some good reviews and some not so good reviews.

This means that my Steelseries Sensei will remain the champion on the desktop and for my money bound up at a retailer – I think that will go to buy either the CM storm mouse or simply getting the Steelseries RAW rubberized to fine tune the feel of the very good mouse that the Sensei style mice really are.


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