Sony Tablet S1 update 4,03 – start-up problem happened…

So finally, SONY took to their senses – you can finally play media from the SD card slot fully supported. Thanks for that. You could have done that from the start and saved me some money by not having to buy, the otherwise great app PowerAmp – and the really crappy Android WinAmp…

Well, finally the good built-in app works as it should have from the start.  I like it and the sound and simplicity is great – considering that it is a tablet. The SONY S1 has a decent sound IMO and can drive most headphones OK.

The problem that arose however was that after updating, rebooting and have turned it off over night – it wouldn’t reboot. The problem is however easy to solve – simply take a pin and push the “Reset” button with a pin. It won’t put the tablet back to original state – only force a reboot. You will see some red blinks and then nothing – it’s done – now try to reboot. It worked on my second go.

Thanks for this info:

Tips on solving unresponsiveness on the Tablet S1…


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