Never ever another Dell… The learning of XPS 1330 and M11xr1

I heard that Dell should have got their shit together and that they were a good company. So I bought a XPS 1330, worked fine for awhile until the graphics chip burned – later then expected and late enough to not have any guarantee left. My M11xR1 is no longer supported with drivers for the gfx cars – it has a Intel switched to NVidia 335M card.

Now, the Intel part sucks – more or less – and the computer won’t acknowledge the switch to the “real” graphics card any more. So, the M11X is down to modded drivers or lost of functionality due to Dell not supporting the computer. Also, they have released 3 drivers for the computers graphics card.


So, this is it- FUCK YOU DELL!

No more money to you, your Alienware computers do look tempting, but with the poor support you can expect – not worth it.

Not ever.


About sketchywolf

sketchywolf(aka Foolwolf) is a blog where I will try different hobbies and document them on. Certain ramblings and may even start some story writing etc. I will also try to have a collection of my reviews of all things that I try and wants to share...
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