New toys en masse…

Yesterday was one of those days. Several decisions and woe’s outlived. Doubts and brooding done, the dice had been cast – and yesterday they cam rattling down. Or at least I had to go get them at the postal service office.

A new smart phone, a new pair of Hi-Fi headphones, 2 new CD’s, a table stand for said smart phone and a memory card – also for said smart phone.

The new smart phone is a Samsung Galaxy S2 – already upgraded to 4.03 OS and with an extra 16 GB of memory card – containing music, images and eBooks. Do I like it – better than my old battered and beaten hTC Desire? – HELL YEAH! It is a monster in comparison – a very delicate monster that I fear I will punch through should I angrily enter an http address all too violently. With the table stand – I finally have an alarm-clock at my bed stand once more – took me some years but I finally made it. A lot of time was spent making the updates, getting the apps, downloading new and getting your head around how Samsung had interpreted the Android OS. Trying to beat old habits and getting some new.

The headphones were no less than these:
These headphones are my first reference class. I agree with most of what they say on that page. Sound is absolutely wonderful. With a headphone amp I get really good sound from my home stereo and also from my computer with my nuFORCE udac2 –read more here>>  listening to lossless .wav on the Foobar. 🙂 What was the first I listened to you might wonder? Well, some Heather Nova, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Tom Waits, Norah Jones, foo Fighters, Eddie Vedder. Well, I had a blast. The only thing I don’t agree with on the page linking to the K550 is the comments regarding comfort. These cans are heavier, or at least feels heavier, than my K242 HD and they also don’t come with the suspension headband that the 242 HD’s have. It is a simply on your head rest with a very small cushion. Over the ears you don’t feel anything. I had to slightly adjust my headband to give some press at all to fit better. No press over the ears means in any case that they are not uncomfortable to wear – they are not just as comforting as the 242 HD’s are. Other than that – the quality is solid. They feel sturdy, the cable is strong and doesn’t forward any noice from it being hit or slamming into cushions or table while listening. The box was hug, luxurious and yet a bit void of goodies. You get the 1/4″ adapter that screws on the 1/8″ plug. But that’s it. No carry-bag or protection no nothing. Well you get superb sound.

Oh, and the CD’s – well I got a best of with Rob Zombie and the latest by Norah Jones. Despite lukewarm reviews – I really like to listen to Norah Jones while reading so i don’t mind if the music is, according to reviewers (I haven’t listened to it yet), a bit “same ol’ same ol'”.

If the headphones came with a more complex case – I would have made an un-boxing feature for it – but it comes in a see through box so I guess I will wait and give you a quick look when I have listened a bit more.


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