Back & Forth – Foo Fighters

Sometimes you add godlike features and personas to mere humans. Sometimes because you don’t know better and sometimes because you want to – or even need to. Foo Fighters have always seemed like such a band for me. I have never really reflected over the different band members because to me, it’s always been David Grohl’s band. And while true in the beginning and still has a lot of truth to it – it is what it has turned into on Wasting Light that is the peak so far that I really like. The journey to get here. Songs from the past are still very good and I enjoy more or less every record.

It started during the end of my teens and early twenties really. The first thing was grunge – my house gods were (and to some point still are) Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, Henry Rollins, Metallica and Nine Inch Nails. When Kurt Cobain committed suicide – one of my heroes died. The shoes to fill were huge. I had suddenly a gap in my listening experience. A spokesperson for the angst and rage of youth had fallen. The hole in my music experience really couldn’t compare with how hollow I felt inside. I realised that someone so far away from my life, whom I knew so little about that didn’t even knew I existed could move and influence me so much.

I moped about but many of my other heroes kept delivering. They had to compete with new heroes of course and my music interest only grew and were more and more defined. After Nirvana I read about the solo projects from the remaining band members and the guy that had really looked like he had a great attitude and an awesome leather jacket in one of those MTV interviews. A biker inspired thing with yellow stripes and an arm pocket for the Zippo and Marlboro smokes. I really wanted a jacket like that.

The guy was Dave Grohl and he had started a band named Foo Fighters they said.

I fell in love.

Since then I have missed a few album releases but I have catched them up later and thanks to Dave I discovered Queens of the Stone Age, Josh Homme, Eagles of Death Metal and of course – Them Crooked Vultures. Thanks by the way – sorry that it was a difficult time for you guys in Foo Fighters that made this possible – but for me – it was like striking gold.

Finally then, me and my wife – who also really likes the Foo Fighters, sat down with a bottle of Champagne and saw “Back and Forth”.


I mean, sometimes by defacing the gods we try to surround us with we notice that they are just ordinary people. Some might be baffled and feel betrayed. For me, seeing the troubles, the sweat and hard work – just made the love feeling I have for Foo Fighters even more intense.
Now don’t take it the wrong way, I still think that when Dave played the drums instead of William – he was actually a bit shit-faced – but on the same note – I can understand it as well. Of course in retrospect you always have the luxury of saying “Hey, you should have done this instead—”  What is is – and what isn’t wasn’t and never were and nothing can change what is – you can only try to do better.

The movie was great and I can really recommend everyone even slightly interested in Foo Fighters to watch it. If you like Foo Fighters – now go see it. It is a great movie and a great window into the band and how it become what it is.


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