Best of 2011…

…and with that, of course also worst of 2011.

This is the list that everyone dreads, the list where you close the book on 2011 and gets ready for 2012. I will try to keep things from 2011 only, but this is my list – so if I’m a late adapter – I may bring up things I discovered in 2011. Simple format, 1-3 best of, possible runners-up and then of course – the worst one – or if there are more – the list of them.

2011 was a difficult year in music. Not that many new releases, but then a lot of best of, live versions etc. These however stands out:

1. Foo Fighters – Wasting light
– An album with such a lovely sound, good songs and pure rock’n roll that it totally blew every competitor away. Fantastic album.
2. Tom Waits – Bad as me
– With an enigmatic voice, lyrics that are both touching and clever and with music that goes bombastic inside you – Tom Waits deliver a really good album this year.
3. Pearl Jam – 20
– This should be no surprise that the live songs from 20 years of my favourite bands makes it here.

Runners up: Anna Calvi, Eddie Vedder: Ukulele Songs, The Pretty Reckless

Worst: The Silver Sun Pickups – Swoon
– Uninteresting song, bland singing and composition. I had high hopes after listening to some of the early materials – but this failed to impress…

2011 was an immense year of games. So many released that it was hard to catch them all ūüėČ A too common theme however was early noticed – all games were released too early and with several flaws and in dire need of patching. So, this is mostly after patching…

1. The Elder Scrolls  SKYRIM
– It is dumbed down, it is far from as good as it could have been, there are so many things missing, there are so many ways that you go – why did they cut all these old good things out – if only… Yeah, if only they hadn’t cut away all the things from the past – but kept the new good things – this would have been the best game ever. But so far, almost 200 hours of ¬†gaming and discovery al√°¬†magnificent¬†excuses some of the flaws.

2. Deus Ex Human Revolution
РRegardless of having among the worst  bosses ever, Human Revolution brought back something to the gaming. An intelligent shooter/RPG hybrid, and even if not the best game Рit sold a lot and made an important impact. The many ways to mix stealth, speech, violence to get to the goal is great. The story is nothing to write home for Рbut none the less Рa great game.

3. Batman – Arkham City
– As unsurprising as Pearl Jam, the caped crusader is my favourite hero and thus a game where you can room the city can’t even GFWL destroy fully.

Runners up:  The Witcher 2, Bastion, Battlefield 3, Bulletstorm

Worst games: Without a doubt: Homefront.
Runners up: Duke Nuke’em, Crysis 2, Rage – all but Duke for being so¬†disappointing.
All PC games of 2011:

2011 I started with champagne and Inception, so far nothing has come close to that during all of 2011. There are some though that are worth mentioning. Worth mentioning is that many I haven’t seen yet. The problem of being a parent to a little boy – the movie time is very limited – so I’m more the to DVD release viewer…

1. Harry Potter – The Deathly Hallows, pt 2
– The end is predictable,true to the book and with the casting in the very top of all films ever, the 8th Harry Potter wraps it all up very well.

2. X-men – First Class
– I’m surprised to put this up here, but after all, the movie is fun, well acted, and it brings back some of the mutants power and galore again. It is obvious, not too hard to foresee, but all in all, a good movie that entertains.

3.  Sucker Punch
РIf I felt surprised for number 2, then this is really frightening. Before you go Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, left me explain. I thought long and hard over this movie, trying to see a sublimely plot, a hidden message. In that I found that in all the pop-culture references, hidden in the sexy babes vs nazi-zombies and with a really kick-ass musical score hides such a terrible misery of a story with such futility and weakness that this is the movie that made the most impact of 2011 Рand as such Рit deserves the place 3.

Runners up: Cars 2, Kung-Fu Panda 2,Bunraku.

Worst: Twilight New Moon – I saw this in January and I still loathe it!

This is hardly fair since it feels like I have read roughly ten or so books this year.
So, if not fair I will simply say that Charlie Houston’s series of ¬†Joe Pitt is my discovery of 2011.

All the lovely toys of 2011. So many things to choose between and now, it is time to wrap it up. I will go for computer gadgets and gadgets.

Computer gadgets:
1. QPad MK-80, a marvelous keyboard that make typing a joy and is OK for gaming.
2.  ASUS GeForce GTX 560Ti 1GB PhysX CUDA, for making my computer present wonderful graphics!
3. Corsair M60, a great mouse that with a decent price brings both accuracy, ergonomics and features to the gaming table.

1. Akg K242 HD, wonderful stereo headphones that brought a new dimension to hi-fi sound for me in 2011.
2. V-Jays, a portable,lightweight and not too expansive stereo-phone  which brings a really good sound. They are also very comfortable.
3. Tablet S1, for after some really hard start-up months showing that it is a good all round tool for most everything digital that comes between a smart phone and a full-blown computer. what it can’t do is being ultimately portable and you can’t type for long on it…

Runners up: Steelseries Sensei, QPad OM-75, Corsair K60, Kinect, Marshall Major.

Worst: Logitech G700 – a gaming mouse that was near useless in all the important areas.


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