QPad – you break my wallet – and wishlist

A few days ago – or some – OK plenty – I wrote about my latest cravings – a keyboard with either brown or preferably red Cherry MX switches. I then posted about Corsair’s K60 and the CM Storm QuickFire Red keyboards.

Well – sorry CM Storm and Corsair – here is a keyboard worthy to crave for – Check the MK-85 on QPad official site! http://www.qpad.com/

Also, check the MK-50 – if your wallet isn’t as big as you like it – furthermore – don’t like Blue and don’t like Red switches – hurry up and check the bonus special – any kind of colour you like!

Dang you QPad – but you bring out the wanting-demon! 😀 
This is the QPAD ;K-85 keyboard . a full NKRO USB2 based keyboard – no worries for a new mobo not having the PS/2 connectors and also you get a load of other features that you may want like profiles etc. For me – red Cherry switches and back-lighting in the really nice frame of the MK-80 made me push this on top of my own Xmas list!


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sketchywolf(aka Foolwolf) is a blog where I will try different hobbies and document them on. Certain ramblings and may even start some story writing etc. I will also try to have a collection of my reviews of all things that I try and wants to share...
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