SKYRIM [PC gaming ] a first insight…

So I’m playing TES SKyrim – as almost everybody else it seems. Once more we have a game that is a telling sign of Bethesda. Grand, open, wonderful exploration, nice graphics and really huge plots and side quests to keep you occupied long enough to get a bad conscience for the main quest. But also, every instance leaner and less for the grognard, bugs, bugs and yes – BUGS. The first thing that I noticed sitting down to play this game was that the graphics really was nice. A nice feel and really felt like a good engine. However – after a few hours of gameplay the engine felt less nice once you had seen snow blowing etc etc and realised that the stuttering in gameplay, the buttons that locked up, inventory that feels all to broken and movement combat, firing arrows – where the system interrupts you more than the enemies – that yes – the table has turned – this is now Fallout with sword and sorcery…

Don’t get me overly wrong here – Skyrim is tremendous fun – but it is also very annoying. CTD’s, stuck in combat because you think you are drawing another arrow but the animation is stuck and you realise the time you been pressing the left mouse button to draw back and fire that critical shot before your temple becomes a resting ground for a rusty axe is simply – wasted. You get pissed – really pissed. On the other hand, you almost forgive it since you can now dual-wield – oh joy joy you think as you sneak up and shish-kebab enemies – until the first one turns around – you can’t get out of sneak unless you do absolutely nothing first – and you can’t block. Er?

Many of these little errors keeps Skyrim from being a tremendous hit. It lures you in at first by being really beautiful despite its obvious console heritage – PC players don’t be too angry over Bethesda’s little outburst “” – they can’t program for shit for the consoles either. Just ask the Xbox players and PS3 players – they have their share of the problems.

Well – PC players rejoice – you are a PC player – a race of sluggish trolls and genius with beneficial powers alike: here is how to tweak your experience – in a way that you wonder why the bloody hells Bethesda didn’t do from the beginning instead of whining about headaches – if it takes the community roughly an hour to scroll through the .ini files and fix so many PC issues – why the hell are you so lazy for Bethesda? Huh?

Go here: —>>>
Go here: –>>>
Go here: –>>>
WIKI for Skyrim – and other TES games: –>>>
Best place for mods – Skyrim nexus: –>>>

Above will help you to turn this game into a proper game for PC’s and with little effort as well. In some time – I guess we will find the no level dependent lists etc that will make Skyrim behave a bit more like Morrowind. Already there are mods popping up and some really nice changes to the graphics better shaders etc.

Bethesda – you want to get rid of some headaches – check with the community before the next time – they know what files most people want and since you didn’t do a stellar job for consoles – don’t excuse the poor condition of the game on multi platform release – Skyrim is a huge success – on PC as well so don’t forget us – or we will go Deadric on your asses!

P.S Thank you Bethesda for once more, despite my complaints – giving me a totally kick ass explorers fantasy dream come true again! D.S


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