Space Marine WH40k [PC] Review

Space Marine Warhammer 40k starts with you taking the role of the walking more than human tank role of the Super Marine captain that is to purge the evil and wicked orks from reaching this worlds Titans. If you don’t know what I just said – you are out of your element but don’t fear – you like chainsaw? Like the way you have to gain health by wickedly destroying your enemies instead of covering behind some rubble? Well then you may be fit for duty. Warhammer 40 K is best described by the numerous Wiki pages and some quick Wikipedia entries then here. You need only browse quickly for understanding the story however – Ultra Marines are one chapter of Space Marines – good guys. Inquisition – like the Internal affairs of any NY police movie – they are with the good guys – but none likes them. Imperial guards – the Emperors finest (cannon fodder and the guys that are with the good guys but never seems to be able to finish the job – even though they have tanks the size of Empire State Building and thousands of troupes – they still can’t finish what 3 Space Marines can). Orks – well just like Orcs and they are green – bad guys. Chaos – fallen Space Marines so they are some sort of really nasty fallen good guys and the anti part of the Space Marines – really bad guys and they seem to get a kick out of being evil to everyone – including themselves too…

After some intro and brief missions – i.e move along there are more enemies to kill over there – the story is slightly close to the RTS game Dawn Of War – you played it you will know when to chuckle, when to sigh and when to grin. If you are new – I am sad to say that you may be befuddled with what all the hype is – but never fear. The fighting that lurks yonder next corner is kick-ass good!

Space Marine won’t win any rewards for best script, it won’t win any acting novelties, it won’t be the best looking game, not the finest game – but it is most fun so far. Bulletstorm was fun to play due to some nice things you could do, but it isn’t as fun to play as Space Marine.


Graphics – 18. The graphics are decent. You see thing shake and quake along your path. The power strikes flash, grenades explode satisfying etc. The Space Marines, Orks and Chaos enemies all look like the game and the setting and surrounding is cathedral boring looking slabs of great industrial manufactorum that it should be. None the less – the graphics have moved on and while I have no complaints – there could at this day be more done with the graphics. Still – for a PC player – just set to max and adjust accordingly if you have to.
Sound -15 Rather absent of highs and lows. You really don’t mind it – but on the other hand, you are never really overwhelmed at the score or sound of the great guns. The guns do sound OK – but I could have asked for more musical score, better hissing and frizzing sounds. Also a wee bit more effort into the dialogue and voice acting wouldn’t have hurt either. As it stands – it is doing the job well and no complaints.
Game-play/Story – 20 We have two opposites here: the gameplay is really fun and the game really makes a decent job of being played as a 3rd person shooter action game that is obviously aimed foremost to the consoles – playable with mouse and keyboard. While the game-play is satisfactory with having you dive into hordes of orks and letting chain-sword, bolters and power-axes etc make a cascade of violent poetry befitting the very sarcastic and over-the-top WH40 k setting – the story is average – and then I’m averaging like book 5 in the Robert Jordan series – no average for this kind of games. Yeah that droll.. The game has a story and while it make you slightly intrigued to continue and see what happens – it is the promise to wield the mighty thunder-hammer and launching to the air with the jet-pack that got your grin showing and chuckling evilly. Another big plus is the sparse – but yet fun and action oriented multi-player. With the recent add-on of the exteriminatus, unlockable weapons, outfits, load-outs, classes feats the competitive side of the mp still levels out that if you are new – you can always chose to spawn with your bane’s load-out – giving you access to weapons several levels beyond your ordinary reach. Fitting.
Controls/Quality – 17 The controls are OK. They make you able to play with keyboard and mouse – the way a PC game should be able to play. I bet that the melee fighter most likely would benefit from a controller – I have not tried it myself. The control scheme is sometimes a bit difficult since the game is heavily dependent on making timed attacks and combo attacks to fight off the biggest bosses. Timing and executions sometimes gets a bit difficult and the first time you have to master more than a one-two combo of stun – you can look angrily on your keyboard and mouse and wonder why they won’t help you out to satisfy the will of the Emperor.

Total score: 70 The game is actually more fun to play than the score tells you. (Yes I kept this line from the Deus Ex review…) Mostly since the few things that Space Marine do well – the fighting and the over the top WH40k feeling – sucks you in and story and iffy controls sometimes be damned! If you like shooter, fighters and Ultra Marines – this is definitely a game for you.


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