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So it’s been awhile. Autumn is here and a lot of new games and a lot of dark days and evenings. Kinda sucks out a lot of energy. Lately I have been involved in the debacle that is Battlefield 3. I have come to terms with that I don’t approve nor like a game that requires Origin to launch and be played, nor do I like that the game is handled from the web-browser and needs certain extra plug-ins. I think that the Origin would be enough – the launcher and crap inserted into my web browser as well just makes me happy to pass on Battlefield 3 for now. Modern Warfare 3 may be intriguing, depends on the multi-player set-up. So I’m a wee bit sad – but not overly. I have several games still unplayed so I won’t lie here tossing and not sleeping due to Battlefield 3.

Another thing that I am tossing over is the decision whether to go for this baby:

Official image K60 - all rights belongs to Corsair

Official image K60 - all rights belongs to Corsair

The Corsair Vengeance K60 keyboard with Cherry Red switches and, unfortunately, rubber dome switches.  Read more about it here –>>
I mentioned that it has red switches as well as rubber dome switches – something that isn’t clear on their official site, this picture from their blog shows the setup however:

silicon dome and cherry mx red switches

silicon dome and cherry mx red switches

Please note that this is the K90 – which is identical par from the programmable keys to the left and the backlit keys. The K60 won’t have the massive silicon domes to the left nor a backlit as seen on the keys above.
While I may be hesitant to some points, mainly; no backlit keyboard only red key caps with a carved pattern, mix of  silicon dome and cherry mx red switches may make it a bit weird when playing and arguably it is a bit of a mind-ghost spooking your sense of perfectness and finally it costs a bit and I hope I would be satisfied with it…
The add-on problem here is the mouse that follows the M60 – which looks a bit nice and while I was afraid it was an updated version of the Cyborg R.A.T engine – it turns out it has the same laser as the Xai has. That is to me good news.

The other keyboard I’m looking at is this:

CM storm quickfire rapid official site picture.

CM storm quickfire rapid official site picture.

Or more precisely, this:

CM storm quickfire red

CM storm quickfire red

The original Quickfire comes in 3 different cherry mx switches; black, blue and brown. It is a tenkeyless setup, small and nice. I’m a bit intrigued by the brown switches, but even more so the red is alluring – but while the Quickfire rapid keyboard has been stated to come to us in Nordic sometime in November’s – the red is not officially said to come at all. Further more – checking with Cooler master directly yielded the not so fun answer that they had no clue as to when the keyboard would come to us in Nordic region at all. The Corsair K60 is so far scheduled at some stores for November 12th.

The Quickfire rapid shares some problems with the K60; no backlit keys, even though they Quickfire Red seems to have some sort of backlighting it is not the see through backlit keys one would be preferring, also the keyboard is said to have a rather short mini usb to usb connector and to gain the full NKRO you have to use the PS/2 adapter. The Corsair K60 seems to not have full NKRO but have outed a 20 keys NKRO with USB2 – and that would be good enough for most players I guess. Biggest problem, I want a new keyboard and while I do really like the idea of the Quickfire Red – not knowing if it will be released at all in the Nordic makes it a bit difficult to wait for it.

Why would I be interested in another keyboard since I’m that satisfied with my QPad MK80? Well – it has a lot of noise – even though I have the elite keys dampening pads – it is still one heck of a racketi-rack when the rest of the family tries to sleep…

I have to get this out of my mind – I had Fallout NV re-installed and bugged as I were of not having finished it – I restarted and was happily on my way once more. Even though the game is sluggish, has some clipping problems and so – I found my way through the Nevada desert quite enjoyable – I was even starting to think that I might get some DLC’s …

Well then it hit me – the corrupted save games. Not one – but three games rendering at least 4 hours of game play moot. I can’t really muster any energy to play a game in this sad pathetic state. It is so sad to see that so much ideas and good potential get shredded by the inability to make a proper game and game functionality. It’s like Troika all over the place – great ideas but the games suck for worse when it comes to quality. To pay full price for this shit? I understand why there are pirates out there, especially since the game has months now without any proper patching done to it. SHAME on you! It is now uninstalled – the registry cleared from its’ foul presence.


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