What is all the RAGE about…? [PC game]

Pun intended – but seriously –
Rage from ID is not aimed to be developed primarily for PC’s.
Rage is still some sort of tech-demo with shooter attached.
It is a PC game with old-school tendencies.
Is it in RPG? A blend between Borderlands and Fallout 3?

So we can all agree upon this. We can all nod with a smile and say that ID is now a 2011 company – and that means they screw up the launch – BAD – but hey – who haven’t? Dragon Age 2 had real problems with DX11 – and well… then they had the problem with the entire game IMO… Duke Nuk’em, Dead Island – yeah well… heh… Oh, and perhaps the best RPG this year – had their fair share of release problems – so nothing real big there IMO – it helped of course that I hadn’t the same amount of problems I have heard other poor gamers had. Latest patch however made the game more stable and less tearing. Not having enough graphic options and tweaking. well considering that the game actually looks pretty nice as it is – I don’t mind that much. There are a few things they got well deserved bashing for, like the VSync and shadings etc. But in general – I want more game related tweaks like FOV, bobbing on/off. It was not much to tweak but IMHO this worked better than it did in Borderlands, more tweaks – I have nothing against it – but this time it didn’t bother me that much.

So, we come to the tech-demo part – and well, I guess we all have our opinions regarding ID as game developers and our own favourite games. My favourite game is without a doubt Quake and Return to Castle Wolfenstein. In both games – the hero is silent. Sorry reviewers that don’t like silent heroes – but seriously? Does a grunting hero shouting lines that make 80’s action feel like Oscar material really mean that much?  For me, it is nice to not have to listen to babbling and grunting once in a while.
It is a lacklustre story. Hmm, well is it really? I don’t think it is worse than say COD – BLOPS, Modern Warfare, Borderlands or any shooter with some sort of story – which is actually most games out there now. The quests and stories is a way to get a feel for what you would need to equip yourself with for the next round of shooting or racing. And with that we have the story more or less finished. There are small problems that can in 99% be solved with a good trigger finger. So? It is ID – it is a shooter, the story and quests will be according to that – not the greatest…
But a good thing then is that the shooting is fun, or is it? yes it is. It is good fun shooting and those that cry that the guns are weak have played to many hide and wall-fucking-hugging games! The sniper rifle will kill enemies on one shot if you shoot correct (no auto aim here!) and the other weapons will have different ammo etc that makes a weak gun into a great room sweeper. The sound is really nice, the graphic is great. It looks like real weather and not like the latest blurred or overused “one colour themed environments, I’m looking at you Deus Ex HR and Fallout 3 games!). The almost pastel colours make the imagery into an almost life-like painting. The characters that you meet are really well made and the engine seems to put out wonders. Enemies do small volts and tricks to get you and takes cover and shoots from behind covers and throw grenades once in a while etc. Sometimes there are really big enemies like boss fights and you run and shoot wondering where is my frakking BFG ID?

We already touched that this is an old-school shooter, but that is not entirely true. It has some of the new flavours like ammo types, upgradable weaponry, quests and some sort of story. but the actual shooting is old school. Want cover – stand behind a wall or crouch behind a pile of debris. Run and gun and keep a close eye on the health. If you are wounded there are med kits and bandages (new and old) and if you are put to the ground – there is a “CLEAR” electric heart kicker mini game taking place that lets you have another go from where you were. the game is old school that it “demands” that you have to save yourself. Wowiee… now did we all get bloody spoiled because I don’t see the problem as some reviewers do. It is not clear a certain part or replay action but go back to latest save. You save via the menu – esc- game – save or you hit the bloody F5 key and quick save. How in all blazing infernos is that problematic? Oh – were you referring to the console game again – yet writing for a PC crowd? Well – you gt no sympathy from me for that. The save system is not at fault here.

is it an RPG? I think that some people thought that it would be since words and comparisons early mentioned Borderlands (RPG – really? You hardly say anything and the quests aren’t even spoken out and you can  click again and drive to where arrow is and kill everything that moves and get new unlockables…. is that RPG?) and Fallout 3. Is Fallout 3 an RPG – yes but not nearly as good as the original series in my opinion – and it is still RPG – light with shooting attached. Similar to this – well I thought that it is an after the apocalypse game taking place in deserted areas and like Fallout and Borderlands you will, get quests, manage your inventory, meet and shoot mutants – get better equipment over time. Like Borderlands, you have a bright sky, drive a car – albeit with much better control and more variety and you can outfit the vehicle yourself. Like Fallout 3, you will spend time in sewers and have a huge log of missions. Unlike them you don’t have any sort of skills or values that determine how well you can perform something.  if you can figure out how to play it – you can do it and it is up to you to drive, jump, crouch or shoot as well as you can to perform it.

Rage stands on its own legs and does so fairly well. it is not the most innovative game, it is not 100% boosted for your PC, it had a real crappy launch – but it is good fun shooting and driving – and I hate driving games! – and it is fun to play. I am enjoying Rage much more than other shooters from this year. It don’t beat Deus Ex – but it is more fun than Space marine, makes Crysis 2 wet its pants and makes Duke realise that he is the only bad mashup of old mechanics getting the worst of today’s mechanics…

RAGE is fun and it is a good game. You should definitely give it a try if you like shooters with adventure like RPG elements light – it isn’t a RPG, it isn’t an Adventure game – it is an ID FPS game with some fancy gimmicks attached – oh – and it is way more fun than Doom 3 ever had hoped to be!


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