Sony Tablet S1 – the days after…

I have to admit that looking back at previous post, the experience do come off as a mixed bag of sour grapes and sweet ones. And it is just like that – but more and more comes down to the disappointment of having bought into the empty promises of SONY. So an early advice – don’t think SONY – think Android!

Playing stuff from programs from the SD card slot – CHECK – just don’t hold your breath for SONY to update their apps – forget them, get Mobo player, MX player, RockIT player, Dice player 3, Mort (my own favourite for MP3’s) etc. Skip everything that has Media and SONY in it, and you will be mostly fine.

So am i happy with it? Yes – now I am – I am running Mort player beta and love that player for my MP3’s – sure the sound is slightly better with the SONY player – but the SONY player is still seriously fucking buggy piece of shit! Also, with Mort I can surf or check out my LAN without having to restart the tablet because the entire SONY media library goes fuck off on you. Sorry for harsh language – but I’m really angry with SONY for this. I think it is like the PSN debacle all over the place – they are just too late into the game and not fixing things properly or quick enough. This is something with all apps that the tablet is shipped with. The gallery app is determined to show everything at once – except your actual image folders and camera folders, which are in fact folders – but the small icons for your epub library however are there – all of them. WTF? SONY and media experience – get the F**K out of here! Quick Pic and you get a image app that is worth the name!

No seriously – I feel that it is hard to say something good once I start to think about the tablet – but there is still one thing that is great: the actual tablet. SONY hardware guys – you are, in the not so political quote from ford Fairlane, “A hard spot in this ocean of diarrhea”. The screen is great for touch, accuracy, watching movies and YouTube is a blast with this baby. The tablet is quick, the sound is good and I no longer have my hTC  Desire out of the pocket to play with once I hit the home. Waiting for a big SD Card to arrive and the OTG cable to be able to connect USB sticks, flash drives and PS3 controller – and this will be a dream. Right after you can kick the SONY programs/apps – you are experiencing a great tablet – but once more – Android’s best feature by far is the Android users and community – you guys and gals rock!

If you want an Android Tablet for reading, surfing, enjoying YouTube and some music and also to have the biggest badassest IR remote controller – Sony Tablet S1 is a great device. It is – it is just that SONY decided to fu** the apps up and I wanted it to be less Android and more of what SONY promised – it turned out that Android saved the tablet and SONY fu**ed it.


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