Getting it on with the console play…

I have been neglecting my consoles. My son is however happy for the PS3 – he watches all his movies on it. Easy to get things going by just sliding in the DVD and sit and enjoy the show. But the Kinect and Xbox and gaming on the PS3 has been an all time low. Why? Well there are reasons of course and I will try to list some of them in order to get a better grasp of the situation myself:
* Deus Ex Human revolution – this PC game is killing all other games right now. It is great fun.
* I don’t play FPS games on console – I just don’t.
— There are too many FPS style games being released on the console right now.
* I don’t play car games – I just don’t
— There are way too many car games on console – since it kinds suits them…
* Simply prefer to sit on the PC where I feel that I have more control and games feel more fun.
There’s the list and OK – Deus EX HR is fun, it is really fun and I love the game. And also my PC have all the great gadgets, huge screen etc and control. Something I don’t feel on the console. But there are genres that work really great on the console, it is finding the games that works that is the problem. I have been looking for local multi-player games – so I can play with my wife – that is the main reason for the consoles to begin with. To play with people on location not via internet – simply because computers kill the consoles on this – they simply do. And co-op is also a must. Wow – you just cut out 90% of what many have as the main advantage of console play? seriously – there are not that many games that fit this winning concept. I have been trying to find a RPG co-op game for us to play. We got Sacred 2 and Dungeon Siege 3 – neither is any good. I so miss Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance (1 and 2).

The control issue got a wee bit better with this little add-on: . These are great and the longer stick actually makes a difference and even though some games don’t perform better – most games benefit of it. I can highly recommend them! Still, FPS just isn’t going to happen.

And another part is that there are so few games that me and my wife can play together so if I buy games – I buy for the PC. Modding, keyboard and mouse etc – is too hard to beat that feeling.

But – I did buy a game yesterday – Warhammer Kill Team. A top down game with Warhammer 40K. Yeah – silly fun – easy game play but the top-down gameplay works fine on the console and – yeah OK – it is console exclusive so that kinda makes it a no brainer as well. 😉

Finally i will tell you that the QPad OM-75 has been returned. My exhilaration of it ended when I noticed that what I felt with the QPad 5K wasn’t just a one time thing – my fingers really start to ache using it. It may be something with the size of the mouse that is just wrong for me. Which is really sad – I liked the QPad mouse a lot. The light weight and control you had was great. Excellent mouse’s – but not for me sadly. i wish that QPad – would make a smaller sized mouse soon because the feel of their sensors, the software and skates simply make for a really great setup for any gamer.
I’m not devastated since my ultimate champion for the mouse wars is coming in a new and better shape – The Steelseries Sensai ( ) has been pre-ordered. The reviews so far seem great and if they only fix the nagging problem of programming the different mouse buttons – this is it. My Xai kicked my DeathAdder from the gaming table – and have since first boguht not left the table ever. Always been installed at the same time as many other mouse’s: Qpad 5k, OM-75, Razer Lachesis, Razer Imperator, ACE Edge, Roccat Kone [+], Logitech G700, Logitech G9 and Logitech G500. It’s the only one still left….


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