I play Deus Ex HR – many do and some play it … wrong…?

OK – the idea came from following a few Twitter feeds and also this sketch:


I am to understand that several people having a problem with the boss fights and that they play stealthy or tech savvy characters. Now some have serious troubles with the minigun armed boss that throws grenades – so here are a few note worthy tips:

You read countless of times that an augmented’s best friend against robots is the EMP grenade – and that it works effectively against you as well… * drum-roll* Tech savvy people – read instructions? EMP the bosses!
* Throw EMP grenades at him then bash him (don’t bash him or other bosses because obviously you are crap at fighting prepared foes – now that sucks worse than boss fights!)
* If you are a scientist kinda guy (why the heck did you start out work as an ex SWAT member and become security expert????) then do the Adam Savage way and build EMP mines – the best buddy in the world for sneaking and backstabbing – oh and they work as grenades too.
* The mightiest weapon is the stun gun since it will keep anyone defenceless for at least a reload and then a few shots of preferred weapon.

Also – if you don’t want to tug around too many guns – pick the revolver or the pistol and mod them to max. they both have devastating abilities when fully modded and takes small place in backpack and ammo is easily available.

Best of luck to all you sneaky-ninjas/anonymous-wanna-be-hackers/gun-toting-maniacs – I hope you find Deus Ex HR as fun to play as I do! 🙂


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