Hi guys, I have just installed my QPAD OM-75 – drivers downloaded from the elusive site of QPAD.com. Save your breath and frustration – here is the link to the drivers: http://www.corporate.qpad.se/modules/news/index.php?storytopic=5 

I have also uploaded two videos to YouTube, the unboxing and the overview of the OM-75.
You can find both videos on my channel page: http://www.youtube.com/user/SketchywolfYT?feature=mhee

The white QPAD OM-75

In short I like the mouse. There are a few things that is a break it or make it going on though and the main things you would want to check out are:
1. Really shiny white piano varnish. It sticks to your palm like glue – haven’t tried to see if it turns into a squishy soap after 30 minutes or so yet…
2. The overall shape – felt the QPad 5k and held off due to the laser only – go out and buy now.
3. It has really poor setups when it comes to the two DPI modes. That is something that made me go from a certain 5/5 to a 4/5. The DPI is really crucial for switching in game and having no control over one of those settings make it one good plus or minus a lot in sensitivity. No good QPad – no good at all.

That said – I like the light weight – yes it is really light – and also the shape fits me nicely. So far I have tried 3 different surfaces, white IKEA desk, ACE Edge gaming mat (a black soft cloth mat, the Steelseries 5L hard cloth mat. Works flawlessly on all three. I hope that this mouse may make me use my Zowie SPAWN mat. A quick check and it read it beautifully as well. Power of the optical sensor – surface no problem. Still I have to admit that my hands feel a bit moist after some hours of Left 4 Dead of Deus Ex HR so I will most likely get the 5K soonest. If you are considering getting an optical gaming mouse and don’t feel bad about the DPI thing – try this out – I really liked it and will most likely use it for my Alienware M11x.

I will of course try the mouse out a bit and post about a review later on – but having once owned the 5K . well this overview kinda tells you the outcome already. It is a great mouse – the question is if it fits you or not.

Big minus is the DPI settings – feels like there is no way to get both options to fit you – chose colour that you like and make sure one speed is enough for you and moan about a button gone to heck…


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