Sucker Punch – a review – kind of…

Sucker Punch

I’m not sure what I expected when I sat down to see this movie. From the few things I seen before – a babe with Katana and Colt .45 battling a Samurai/Tengu with Gatling gun – I thought mad as hell and stupid/fun mashup.

It is a mashup, not just what I thought it would be. At least for me. I guess you can just let things go and see it as a cool MTV babelicious romp with some kind of undertone. For me – the undertone took over and I actually started to get annoyed – I will tell you why.

1. The movie starts with us seeing Babydoll loosing her mother, her sister dies in a spat with her stepfather who is trying to abuse the girls/hit them being an ass – the movie sort of lets that up to you. Nice eh?

2. She is sent to a mental hospital where the step-dad who has pinned her sister’s death on her pays to have her lobotomized. She is introduced and see the other characters and she is introduced the vaguest idea ever – the theatre – be in control of your mind.

3. Here things gets diffuse because if I remember correctly we follow Babydoll to be lobotomized but in the last instance – Sugerpea says stop and we suddenly are in a sort of luny-bin/brothel environment. We now see the second veil – the one of a guy called Blue playing pimp with the girls. They dance – and when they dance – shit happens.

4. Babydoll starts dancing. And when she dance, a shitstorm happens and she is introduced to the Wise man. Makes sense? No – good then you have followed quite nicely so far. Babydoll opens yet another existence when she dances and in that existence the girls are turned into some major babe-kickass-great-war-soldiers – fighting nazi clockwork/zombies. They have to steal a certain number of objects and all in this extra existence and without Blue realizing what is going on.

There won’t be a part 5 – but here is the spoiler alert – below comes the conclusion – sort of.

In the end, we learn that Sugerpea is the main character, that Babydoll gets lobotomized, that everything really took place in the mental institute and that everything that was hinted at was part of the truth. Now comes the theories and problems. Was this to show that the idea was too horrific for the girls to stand their reality so they made it into something they could handle and thus being not afraid to fight? Was it a story that was too boring so they had to include all this digital great war MTV generation action into the mix? Or were they afraid that people can’t handle a story this deep? Cause Sucker Punch is about a deep story and a real gut clincher – but made into a cheap MTV video bonanza. Albeit they use only powerful female artists (lead artists), like Bjork, Skunk Anansie etc – the end is followed by a what the hell? I mean – sure we have had the Matrix, we have seen Inception etc – but this is not that. This is something else and it lacks something from making it good:
A good solid story that ties it all together. This is a mashup of scenes, genres and the turmoil that comes into play destroys more than adding to it. The confusion we feel is not Matrix cool, not Inception wow. It is simply – WTF?

Not so easy to conclude that which is hard to understand – not the movie or story – but more why they did it the way they did it. I have not really decided whether I liked it or not. Visually it is actually quite nice. The great war inspired battlefields and action is OK – though the bombastic posters for the movie is quite misleading – Sugerpea for instance have a huge sword but I can’t recall that she ever used it. They all use modern style automatic carbines or SMG’s except Rocket who has two flintlock pistols for backup. Makes sense? Well – in this movie – don’t count on it. Visually and sound – the movie is cool – but story wise they hamper it down with that coolness. It is sad to see that an important topic is in lack of better words polluted. Should you see it – well I leave that entirely up to you – one day I may decide on how I feel about it enough to give you an advice.


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