Summer of love and hate… a PC-gamers retrospect of the summer events….

It has been a good summer – but during the end of the summer some really sad and tragic news have sailed up for an old PC gamer.

Diablo 3 will require constant on-line – bad. Now there are more things that are potentially bad IMo like no stats and no skill points. “Er waz that? ” Anyway – that could turn out to work well. That is a thing that should be tested before bashed. The idea however for one that enjoyed the mechanics of the two old games – not so fun sounding. The auction houses… OK I get it – you want a chip on the gold farming and item sales on Ebay… I don’t like the idea but OK…

Always on-line
Well, I game on my laptop when travelling, visit someone’s summer-house, want to chill somewhere cozy outside. My mobile connection isn’t all grand. It works if you are taking a vacation down-town area – but I don’t tend to do that nor do i want to lose progress due to server fails, internet drops, accidents whatever. Regardless. For a single player game: No way in hell. Stupid stupid decision Blizzard….
Also – the big no brainer came when Blizzard stated twice that they were going to release Diablo 3 on console. To me, the game and the idea behind already sounds like a console title and with this always online bullshit – I may actually opt for the console version… But I won’t consider that anymore a “true” sequel to Diablo series then I do with Fallout 3…

Well, there it is. A company that has put a name to PC hating and customer loathing with their requirement on always on-line DRM for a long time. I have hated that decision ever since and the company keeps on riling people. Check here:

here: I mean seriously? DRM and then lying and teasing and not only that. from Dust appears to be “the” load of shit crap that makes Greece’s economy seem like “mmm not all bad considering…”. Source.

EA vs Valve
Lets face it – Valve needs competition – there is one thing that is not good with STEAM – and that is the pricing IMO. The pricing is way off too high by far. digital distribution that costs up to 25-40% more than physical copies. When they are STEAM games as well and you order it – put in the code and download the game – smiling at all the cash you saved – you kind starts to wonder what’s wrong. EA don’t consider this a problem. Nope – they just wants those big figures and extra content sales to go through them – Valve don’t offer that. Big booga hooga ramble ramble and EA moaning and whining about Valve and STEAM.
Now I don’t have much against Origin –  if I had I would have something against UbiSoft (Hey i do have something against UbiSoft- I have a fucking huge shitload of “against” towards them…), Blizzard etc etc. It’s just to face it – this is the way we are heading. Reports say that you will have to have Origin to play Battlefield 3. The SP part can however be played offline – that’s not a 100% confirmed and these days “be played offline” could mean almost anything….

Bethesda vs Mojang
Scrolls – taste the name, if you are an old RPG:er, dice roller fantasy book reader – imagine how many titles could have the word “scroll” in it – then figure that Bethesda claims they more or less owns that word. Silly? Not even halfway to the crazy side of them going after Mojang. Well they got the best answer ever back – . Go Mojang – frag their asses!

Runners up:
Apple vs Samsung vs the world vs stupidity
Let’s face it, if I ever have been sceptical of Apple – it has only been strengthen, the Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 is the best hardware tab out there up to date. OS’s aside since that is much more of a religious/fanatic question, the Samsung needs to be out there for us that wants to have an option to iPad. This is a patent troll warfare that just shows that humanity haven’t been out in the sun for very long – or perhaps some of us have been out there far too long…
Journalists should write what we tell them, not what they learn about us…
This article says it all – 2K.. bah – you are just pathetic…

Good news?
Yes there are good news as well – thankfully. Batman Arkham City is looking good. really good and if they survive the hype – the game will be such a wonderful addition this autumn.
Deus EX is looking great. Graphics may not be top of the line BF3 quality – but gameplay and story and options wise – this game looks and sounds awesome! Most previews and hands on (not from only bought echo-press) tells us that this games looks and feels great and have received its own PC version. Lovely!
Valve is doing three good things, offering refunds for UbiSoft’s fuck up, having”the” competition for DOTA 2  and they are going to release CS Global offensive. Wow – well there is a bad thing in here though…. _”WHERE IS EP3!!!!?????” 😉
Rage is getting more and more positive reviews. If it is because the game is simply delivering and old fashion kick-ass FPS feel or if it is time to butter up to receive the limited press copies, we will find out later. Still looks nice though.

Ending words – Epic made a grand flashy statement (not really) that they felt good about targeting  the PC as a main platform again. ?? As good as you felt when you rubbed every PC players face in the digital dust and proclaimed that the PC was dead and buried?

Epic—- who the fuck cares?


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