Scar Tissue – Anthony Kiedis, Larry Sloman

I finished this book during my vacation book-reading-spree. I have had this book going for over a month or so but have found it troublesome to finish. Finally though I managed to get through it and well – that isn’t that good outlook for this little review eh?

And it shouldn’t be. The book that you read is very much the perspective of Anthony Kiedis – singer in Red hot Chilli Peppers. One could expect that following the hype of these kinds of  books that openly talks about careers, drugs, sex and the life in general also would be a bit more like the others: talking a bit more about the music and RHCP in general. Sadly, this is a story from Kiedis – from start to after the release of Californication. The biggest problem is that the book is a mess. It is anecdotes mixed wildly with something that feels like Anthony just sat down and talked continuously about his life from age 5 and on in one go. There is a lack of flow in the book, perspective becomes to narrow. AK (Anthony Kiedis) have lived a rough and tough life with a constant struggle with heavy drug abuse. His other passions are women and music. Women and drugs are the centerfold of the book. You read about the endless search of drugs, betrayals, lies and affairs and more women on top of that and it becomes so much about this and without enough after thought or perspective that is feels rambling.

If you are a RHCP fans, there are some good titbits in here as well. The start of the band and the background is well described. Some answers to songs and what went through the minds of the members for texts. For me I learned that there has always been a huge depth to RHCP and that the music is largely communicative and contemporary. Unfortunately where Mötley Crüe and Lemmy Kilmister adds a lot of humour and invites self perspective to gain some ground or the very lack of it be apparent – Scar Tissue is a long story from one view. AK seems to have a lot to say, something that is apparent in his lyrics and also from this book. A bit too much for me. I would have loved to have more insight in RHCP and the music. Now it is described as a life line and a vent. As important as that may be – there is just so much you can tell about drug abuse. When the scene change but the deeds are the same – we do’t need page after page detailing the same mistakes.

Verdict? I would say that if you read it chapter for chapter and can live with letting this book spend some time on the table in between reading – it can be interesting if you are a RHCP fans. if you are not, I think that you will find the flow and repeating behaviour of AK too boring after the first few chapters. It is a gripping tale – but told in a very difficult and reader unfriendly way.


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