No Dominion – Charlie Huston

I’m not aware if you have heard of Charlie Huston – chance happens that you read this blog – it is about damn time you do!

Why you may wonder. Simply because he is one of the authors I stumble upon and when lying there in the dirtiest streets of New York, looking at the spoiled blood going away in the dark night I decided that even though the story was grim – this was a front row seat I would not like to give up. Charlie Huston writes about a vampire – and no, that the glittery teen-angst version – quite rather much the opposite. This is more Tanya Huff reality – sunlight – hurts like shit but why? Ridge racing cancer taking place. It is a virus and a bad decease. Furthermore – there are a lot of vampires up and about in NY – so blood is scares – not because the population is falling – but the population – normal humans – will kill your ass pretty quick. So Charlie Huston writes about a vampire who calls himself Joe.

No dominion is the second book about Joe and we first get to know Joe in “Already Dead” (WTF – why is Google(a word not in the English WordPress dictionary – hmm) having a hard on for making every shit localised? Who writes about English books in Swedish? Cheezus – Internet have become smarter than the ones programming it…
Any ways, No dominion takes you right into a dirty job that Joe has to take since he is low on cash, low on blood and he need both. Blood for himself and cash for his girlfriend who is also in need of blood – but to cure or help fighting her AIDS. Yeah, a girlfriend with AIDS – didn’t see that coming did you? Charlie Huston is fresh in that way. It feels very much now and still have that Bogart feel about it. The story is a typical twist of Hammer, Bogart Philip Marlowe etc if vampires had been about and the detective would have been one cynical son of a vampire as well. The main point with Charlie Huston is that the dialogue is really snappy and well written. I like Charlie’s way to write and I really like the intrigues and layers upon layers of intrigues unfolding as you continue your voyage into a dark NY. If you haven’t already – do pick up a book and join me and others to like Charlie Huston.


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