It can only be Wednesday… Dead Space 2 R.I.P UbiFuckoff

OK, one of these days I will be able to write something good about music. I will – just you wait.

Ok, can’t wait – how about that title? No – ok my good friend Hugh has made another hit and this is for the Daimler Benz anniversary – – check it out!

OK – back to the Wednesday thing then. Dead Space 2 – I don’t know what you think but I got it the last Summer sale from STEAM and thought that with a whopping big score etc the game should at least be fun for a few hours. No it wasn’t. I played 3.5 and I didn’t enjoy one hour of it. The story – fine – that is nice and the setting as well works – but what don’t work is the way the game handles. This is a port of a console game through and through. First of all we get the incredulously close up of 3rd person that only console players seem to be able to stand. Horrid FOV, a control scheme and mechanics that simply destroys the fun of playing the game. Save stations etc etc – yeah well I guess that you get my point. And well the game to me seems very repetitive – you walk in narrow ass corridors and as soon as the music quickens – telepathy nearest body to check for monster – burn – try and get things into your lousy inventory – trying to navigate that is a mini game of tertris itself – especially since the game doesn’t pause during this frustration. BioWare’s planet mining is more fun! And that is IMHO saying A LOT! The game simply don’t deliver anything fun. Since I didn’t finish it – the game doesn’t get a review more than this. To me – it was a waste of money 😦

How disappointing Dead Space were  Ubsofts decision to use the always on-line DRM on Driver must take this weeks price as stupidest move in gaming for some considerable time. Weak arguments like “you will have it at the same time as consoles…” Say what? Fuck you Ubisoft – you won’t see my money on this game nor me playing it. You can keep your Driver and shove it somewhere where the internet don’t shine – and your game won’t work anyway! Really bad decision and really stupid move. I hope that the game flops soooo bad for PC.

It’s such a Wednesday – good news? QPad is releasing a new mouse – a IR sensor version of the QPad 5K called QPad – OM75 or something like that. Also – the first reviews of the Razer Imperator G4 is up on YouTube.


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