Logitech G700 – a review – a furious outburst?

Let me start like this; I made an intensive research, checked YouTube, checked sites I trusted, forums you name it. They all said it – the G700 is a great mouse. Well – I bought it today, took a few snapshots of carefully unboxing the thing. It looked decent enough, I thought that this would be great for RPG’s and my Xai would stay my trusty shooter. I was wrong – a few hours later, a spoiled dinner ( I have a bad temper and the things happening in Norway doesn’t really make my mood any better 😦 ) and several visits to tech support, forums you name it – I have carefully restored the mouse and packed it up again, stuck the receipt in the box and now I’m checking to see when the store opens so I can return this matte black mouse with 13 programmable buttons, 5 different profiles, DPI settings, macros – piece of goddamn awful shit of shite! I bloody well hate it!

Unboxing went nice, the plugging in went OK and the first run went OK – the mouse was found and everything and it even worked really well with the wireless settings and all. Then I installed the damn set point malware piece of horrid crap – and all problems broke loose. Now was the time I wanted to try to set the DPI and test the different profiles. Guess what? (after several hours of set point can’t find any hardware problems and setting everything to run as admin and tweaking stuff that shut down my Xai) DPI and profile swapping doesn’t work. ARRRGH – YouTube, Google, Logitech – forums posts help problems – solution?

Yeah, there is one – keep only one profile – ever – the general one. If you do that – you can switch the DPI and even the idea-loveable-dpi-loop too. Problem is that well – that is half of the mouse function that you really get something for down the drain. Switching profiles to a new set of 13 keys is the idea. Now we don’t get that. It is not that many more keys in the end that I get over the Xai – and the Xai doesn’t turn the rest of the computer into a piece of HAL on evil day nr 1…

I learned how to bind the macros on my Xai instead and will return the G700. It felt OK, the form and design is typical the pilot wheel-man style and if you like one of them – you are home safe with this style and design. The several buttons worked well and when trying them out I liked the idea of having 4 thumb buttons.

What I don’t like is when you pay close to 100£/€ and you come home with something that puts the “H” in Hausse on its toes and then continues to be just a piece of garbage. The mouse has soooo many problems just to get up and running it is not worth the increased heart rate, the frustration – a lovely dinner down the drain.

So my advice and review – stay the hell away from Logitech G700!

It is shit!


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One Response to Logitech G700 – a review – a furious outburst?

  1. crappy mouse with little to no support from Logitech. I have many logitech products over the years. I feel betrayed, and they have lost my loyalty.

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