Harry Potter – Deathly Hallows Part 2 – The End

I first came in contact with Harry Potter by hearsay and at that time – by parents. Their kids loved Harry Potter and “why don’t you who loves fantasy read them”? Fantasy equals kids books it was back then.

Me – never!

But then they made said books into movies. Easily accessible and well, one day I got the offer to borrow them and well – I figured that I had spent lots of nights watching worse shit by far – so I graciously accepted and well wouldn’t you know it. I kinda liked them. I mean it was nothing of the sorts of fantasy i usually reads. It wasn’t so dark, it wasn’t so full of intrigues but it was back to my childhood. I remembered those early books I read, the first time I read Ursula Le Guin – or the Sci-Fi labelled books. This Feeling left me quite positive for Harry Potter. So then I met this girl – that ended up being my wife – and she was into Harry Potter – big time. So, a race started to read the books when they got out and also to catch the movies. So we have, and a few days ago – we saw the last one.

One thing that strikes me about the movies – now this has to be taken into account on the fact that I saw the first two movies first – have the best casting I have seen in some considerable time. The roles are perfect and seeing Snape is to do your own Alan Rickman impersonation. Usually failing to add the right amount of pause and acidic contempt with every word. The only character I think is off is Trelawney. More to that is also the fact that all movies are done with a enough big budget. The feel of the movie has been cast off correctly – the settings, surroundings and the growing up part is well done. Not all movies are great. The movies suffer from the “for the fans” and many hints and notions are not enough covered haven’t you read the books. There is also the fact that the first books are close to two hundred pages or so. The latter are in the rough 800 pages a book size. That has an impact when you are aiming for the two-hour format.

So, this is the end. And the road here has been uneven. Not any fault of the movies. Especially the last one since it is very accurate to the book. It is almost tick off the list here. No the fault lies within the power fluctuation throughout the entire series. In one sense Harry is a great wizard – strong – and he can stand up to challenges a boy at mere 11 years of age. Then he can’t hardly outrun a few fetchers. He battles with the lord and yes – while we know the connection – none doubts that Harry has received the skills of an auror and so and he has the power – but to make him vulnerable and to make the sense of dread there – he has to fail – more so then the traits of his character should allow. Minor things – the true hero is still Neville Longbottom and of course Hermoine Granger. Can you argue when British teen girls rather be like Hermoine than Lady Gaga and Katy Perry? No? Go Hermoine – one of this new age’s strongest female characters!

Anyway – the last movie makes a last stand notion and while it is no Helms Deep, nor anything like the epic battles of Feist etc – this is the first time they have to kill off characters. And they do it poorly. They appear dead. Simple as that. Not the off hand:ish way that Feist do it – not the anguish guilt ridden way that Robert Jordan could wove a tale of the passing. No – they are simply not there any-more. nothing more. You feel – disappointed and without these characters passing – Lord Voldemort haven’t really been that dangerous has he? In the movies he hasn’t killed that many and why on earth would you be scared for a bunch of tattooed guys who could easily be discovered by ordering shirt sleeves at work? No, they have to die if only to strengthen the claim that many of the earlier books have failed to deliver on – Voldemort is dangerous. Really dangerous. I mean it is first after you realise that he has made some part of himself into a living D&D lich you can start taking him seriously. But it is more the picture of Dorian Gray villain we see. So in the end – we also see one of the worst endings ever – the 19 years later and what must have felt like a gig and a laugh for everyone as they dress up to grown ups. After the first Pirates of Caribbean’s awful “No, he’s a pirate” this has to be a silly thing indeed. But do we care? We are at the very end of Harry Potter, so I guess that it is time to say “Thank you” and goodbye. May time fare thee well. I hope that my son will enjoy the books and movies as much as I have. And with my wife at my side – I’m sure he won’t have a chance to refuse ;).

My verdict? If you haven’t seen this – shame on you – this is perhaps the biggest thing of our age. Forget 3G, 4G – fire-wire, Linux etc. Harry Potter is the biggest thing and to opt out is to say it mildly – Lame. Go read the books, see the movies and enjoy them.

Last notes:
I call and tag this as a review – however – I have always felt that to review books and movies in other ways then just telling the reader/viewer about how you felt and comparisons and diving into clips and direct info and facts – is to destroy the  anticipation, the very fabric of interest for a movie. Hence I try to tell as much as possible without saying anything at all. If you have comments – I would gladly hear/read them.

Best regards Sketchywolf


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