Marshall Major – unboxing

Right now I’m listening to my brand new Marshall Major headphones. A feat far easier than making an unpacking video for the YouTube. I think I need to look into how to make better videos – by far – if I’m going to try to keep this up.

The Marshall Major headphones are a nice little thing to get to know. I have just played a few songs, going from Timbaland’s “The way I are”, Heather Nova’s “Island”, System of a Down “Sugar”, Nirvana “Jesus don’t want me for a sunbeam”, Nine Inch Nails “The Good Soldier”, Eddie Vedder “Goodbye” and right now Tom Waits “Kommienezuspadt”. Say that ten times in a row…

The sound is instantly pleasing. These headphones are for listening to music with, enjoying it. They are not so clear as the AKG’s, nor as bass heavy as some SONY and they lack the clarity of the Sennheisers – but the sound really is beefy rock ‘n roll. They deliver a well-balanced sound that excels with rock music. They sit really hard on my head – think headcrab – but they are not uncomfortable after all the above songs. The square fit and soft cushions do a good job of making it fit nice. I guess that I could manage a nice sprint to catch a bus in these without worrying about them falling off.OK, it’s time to switch to my worst sound-source – my hTC Desire….

OK, we hit it with Foo Fighters – of course – “Bridge Burning”. The sound is rather rich for being on my Desire – these headphones must be easy to drive. Next up is Scars on Broadway “They say”. A bit distorted in the higher tones. Could be the MP3 of course…
Some live music – Accept “Burning”. Oh yeah – this is at home. Sounds like I’m on stage somewhere trying to avoid Udo staring at me and the drummer. Bass is a bit distinct – but for rock that is OK in my opinion.

OK – here is a rather dark video that won’t do the headphones much justice but well…

And here are two images of them. Notice that the “L” and “R” is on the inside.

Correction added: I now know it is called un-boxing *facepalm*


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