STEAM – summer sales – what you got so far?

If you are a PC gamer – you most likely are aware of the STEAM summer sale, , that takes place this July . If you haven’t been there or haven’t checked out the deals… ARE YOU CRAZY? I mean STEAM sales are about the biggest events for gamers out in the digital life. A perfect time to add those titles that you missed, the ones that you never bought, or the ones on several CD’s on your attic that you just doesn’t care to go up and fetch…

There are fewer on sale, and the price well – being that STEAM is rather pricey on new titles even a 50% off might not do it for you – depending of course if you are in a country where the retailers keep up with the business or not.

So far I have added Darksiders and Dead Space 2. Both are games that scores well, but both had obvious control problems with the PC and Darksiders have been sometimes described to be nigh impossible to play without an Xbox 360 controller. So well, for that extra price – I guess I can suffer to plug-in my 360 controller to my PC;). Dead Space 2 seems to have a real good story and also the nr 2 should have better controls many thanks to this controversy:

That last bit is almost enough to spend the money on it. Developers that shows some care seems less and less as something you could expect these days. Mostly they are out trying to tell their hardcore fans that they shouldn’t fear that they add kill streaks to Dragon Age and bunny jumping and n00b tubing to Skyrim – it is not to make the game more casual – just to sell more – er I mean to support the COD players more – er I mean to make the game more accessible – er – more understandable – er – screw you whiners – you are most likely pirates anyway! To be one of those hardcore old school PC gamers – that is just more bad news…

Anyways, just wanted to round-up with some more things, one thing is that I will start to make some more additions by using my YouTube channel : . I have already made a few first stumbling videos for the MK-80 review. I hope that this will prove to be a good addition.

Finally – have a safe summer, drink a lot of fluid, hang out with real life friends and family and watch out for this years pest: and definition here: .

Game on!


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