Duke Nukem Forever – aftermath

The buzz-cut hero finally told the words – I’m running for president, and the wait, the anguish and a frustrating amount of hours had seen me through a poorly history lesson of PC gaming. Duke Nukem was frustrating. It was sometimes bad, and when it was fun – gameplay mechanic took it down. But somehow – the challenges, the game itself or something inside me – simply pushed me to finish the game. in my book that is something!

I really miss the old school shooters for PC’s – I really do – but Duke Nukem wasn’t really an old school game. The mechanics were a mix of things that happened since Duke Nukem 3D and thrown into the mix. The thing that was old school were the hideous levels with “puzzles” that you hardly could beat – an enemy that were too strong or places were the biggest enemy was the environment – not the enemies and sometimes those combined made for the most difficult places. The underwater levels in the dam was horrendous. The bad textures and poor graphic really showed itself from the worst side. The zoom to shoot was another problem, it really didn’t do anything for you. Sniper rifle – er – rail gun seldom came into light since there were a few places only where sniping made sense.

Anyway – there were some good bits – they came out every now and then, the biggest flaw with DNF is that these moments seldom held you for long times – they were abruptly broken by no more ammo, having to hunt for a new gun – you ran out of air. You got stuck on some crap on the floor that you couldn’t see etc etc.

Duke Nuke Forever is finally released – and also finally finished. It was an experience – none that will last for long and something that will most likely be quickly forgotten. I still hope that Duke Nukem as IP will survive. I still stand for my review score, it was low but somehow the game still managed to be fun enough… Better than Homefront – you bet!

If you haven’t tried it and is sitting there wondering if you should listen to the critics sawing Duke in half, or to the fans that enjoy it – well first of all – there is a demo out – try it. Other than that – if you haven’t bought it yet – you can most likely wait until this game hits the bargain bin. It is a game that can stand one play through – but don’t have too high expectations. It isn’t good-looking, it has crass humour, it had dubious gameplay mechanics – it feels more like an Xbox port then an Xbox 360 game. Funny enough – this has had most time developed for PC and the benefit is that I can’t say that I have had any problems with performance, load times etc that has plagued the console guys and gals. So advice 2 – get it for PC. Benefit number 2 – you can max it out with really old hardware too :).

Cheers Duke – I hope you will behave better if we meet again – in another twelve to fifteen years or so…


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