Repairing your keyboard – and keyboards in general

For some time now I have had some serious problems with my Alienware M11x – the space key got hit by some coffee some months ago and since then haven’t been working well. I have taken the keyboard apart, cleaned it and tried to get the space tab to work properly. No dice. Yesterday I got really frustrated and after an incident of not hitting the boost button before starting Alice – Return to Madness – I got a fit and uninstalled the game and started to look at the Alienware M14x, Asus G series etc etc. Finally, I realised that it is summer – and summer means spending money on going to zoo’s, eating ice cream and spoiling kid with a plethora of beach toys – so I once more took apart the danged space key. I got it together better this time and the space key seems to work better now. I’m writing this and no longer have to go back and correct every third or so word.

Sitting there at the kitchen table seeing the watch closing in on 23.30 – I decided to make a quick post today and see if there are any good guides on the net to repair and getting a better understanding on how the keyboards work. So here goes:

This was more or less spot on:
It doesn’t repair as much as replace or reassembles, but the images shows clearly how to make it and the guide is easy to follow.

This is a bit more “hardcore” and have an instruction on how to completely remove said Alienware M11x’s keyboard.
The guide isn’t illustrated well  and seems like you have to have some understanding on how a lap-top works.

Repairing your keyboard and your on MAC- found this guide:

This for Swedes 😉
Nice one with pictures and quite thorough step by step.

Guides for understanding keyboards:

I did find this to be the best overall guide on keyboards. Nice work all over. Respects!

This is another keyboard guide- overall explaining so to speak…

I hope this helps anyone with similar problems get a head start on the problem at least and that you can at least find some help here. Most of these pages have some commentaries and the overclocking site is generally a good place with many links and insightful people.


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