I still playing Duke Nukem Forever – or am I?

So, I hit the 2 hour mark – and I got out of the casino. That did wonders. Now I curse cause they didn’t keep one of the most important old school feature – the 1-0/9 weapons! You needed a golf caddie back in the days to get through most games. Now you have the modern 2 weapon carry spots… That’s a fucking bollocks. Sorry – been playing Duke – kinda sticks to you. It is not like Bulletstorm but the profanity is there. Lots of it. It got better once you got out in the open and didn’t have to deal with the stupid car driving in mini-mode and the figure out how to get further into teh game? It is a bit lame and still – old school – you have to figure it out – no help, no arrows and only sometimes is there a bigger goal.
I think I will get passed this and play it to the finish line. The MP? Don’t think so. 8 – come-the-fuck-on! eight lousy people in multi-player? What – you got inspiration from the first Halo game? Oh, sorry, you probably did – too bad the rest of the world changed and you didn’t….


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sketchywolf(aka Foolwolf) is a blog where I will try different hobbies and document them on. Certain ramblings and may even start some story writing etc. I will also try to have a collection of my reviews of all things that I try and wants to share...
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