QPAD MK80 Pro Keyboard

I finally received my mechanical keyboard that I first set out to get last December. Not entirely true – I pre-ordered the Razer Blackwidow Ultimate, it was late, settled finally with the standard Blackwidow – was disappointed in its rather poor gaming quality but happy knowing that the switches – cherry mx blue – felt great for me. I like to game and type a lot so the mix is great for me. Cherry MX switches are great – but there are several versions out there so I suggest that anyone soon to invest in a mechanical keyboard try them out and get the ones you like.

So, I heard that the QPAD guys were releasing a gaming keyboard and having tried the QPAD mouse and found it excellent quality and very nice made and with backup from a company that was great as well – I read about the keyboard and sorry Mionix – you were just a tad too expansive and you went with Black MX switches.

So, I am going to show some pictures of the keyboard as I unpack nad installs it. All in all a fairly easy procedure. Also in the shots you can see a comparison with the other very nice keyboard Logitech Illuminated. They are as wide and roughly the same in width size and placement of keys. The MK80 is higher, by far, louder but also hell-uva-lot more sexy and a wonder to type on. I’m typing now. 🙂

Also, you may spot the also fresh down the mailbox slot – Duke Nukem. Installing as we speak and I think that Duke will get to try out the MK80 – yeah.

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Finally some first thoughts I have with this keyboard. It is illuminated quite nicely, I like the softest setting of light blue. The keys are clear and the font is very clear and detailed. The keys are matte finished keys and feels great. There are media keys for play/pause, Mute/volume up/volume down, Next/Previous track. There is a pass-through for the headset – full pass through no built in sound-cards or other gimmicks. 2 USB connectors as well. The wrist protector is OK, not great but decent – easily switched to something of your liking or not at all. The keyboard feels a bit smaller then I had expected but so far – I’m one very happy customer and can only say one thing – thank you QPAD!

Official page: http://www.corporate.qpad.se/modules/news/article.php?storyid=238


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3 Responses to QPAD MK80 Pro Keyboard

  1. Soylent says:

    Where did you order your keyboard?

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