Grumpy, BLOPS – again & learnings

I was grumpy yesterday, might have noticed that from the tone of the post. Mostly it was because the news that TES V is primarily for the consoles – so then I will primarily buy something else, or more importantly – SOMEWHERE else. You see, the reason why consoles are getting these huge numbers aren’t only because they sell well – because they do and people love playing on consoles. No problems there – but in comparison with PC players – we get shafted because the on-line sales don’t get registered into that comparison. So VALVE with STEAM etc, Gamersgate – they are not doing us any favours as PC players. They are more or less doing us a dis-service. Now Gamersgate – I can’t say if the above is too true or not – if they hear about this – please give a howl to correct me, but Valve are moving to console green fields. That is not good. Of course you want to make three copies with as little work as possible to shelf them out there. And if we don’t have to bump the PC version with the highest graphics, the coolest machines, dual cores , triple cores quad cores etc – they probably think that it is enough to play the console game on our PC’s. If that were true – I would have used only one surf laptop or sleet or whatever for surfing and a console army. But I don’t. I have consoles – but I have a whop-ass PC as well. Blue-Ray player, 23″ high resolution goodies, powered by an i7 – some nice graphics and kick-ass headset. The mouse and keyboard are also top notch – why? Because that’s how I enjoy playing my games. So – if you are going to buy games – either holler at STEAM and make them publish their sales figures so we can show everyone that PC gaming is loud and well – or simply buy your games on-line by at your retailers. They will love you for it – and it shows in the statistics and furthermore – you get some better prices and you also take a stand with your wallet.

I’m back into BLOPS – yeah considering all the bad things I have to say about BLOPS – it is up to date the best and easiest game to get going and get some shooting done in. Still a bit buggy but I have had me some learnings:

  1.  Go to STEAM and check forums, there is a great optimisation and tweak post there. OK here it is 😉
  2. If your hard-drive is starting to whine and sound generally frustrated – it’s because of heat. You see, there is a shit-load of activity on the system disc – so make sure your hard-drives are running cool. Turn the fan up when you play BLOPS – also goes for BFBC2.
  3. Have at least one class without tube, concussion, launcher and mine – that way you can more or less always have one class to play with…

I also learned that I have some more things to do in the study before it is “perfect” i.e good enough to actually start enjoying instead or realizing there is still stuff to do. I also learned that there is a problem sitting in here and reading – the chairs are lowly to look at and to sit in and listen to music – but to sit and read in? Have to find a comfy position for that still.

Other big news – Charles Stross has released a new book – Yeah! 😀  Read more here: – it’s named “Rule 34”.


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sketchywolf(aka Foolwolf) is a blog where I will try different hobbies and document them on. Certain ramblings and may even start some story writing etc. I will also try to have a collection of my reviews of all things that I try and wants to share...
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